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Hi, I’m Dr. Gabrielle with Amazing Life Chiropractic. Today I would like to talk to you about kid’s ear infections. Did you know that 70% of kids will have an ear infection before the age of two and that’s because we all have a Eustachian Tube- that’s the tube behind the ear that drains into the neck. Unfortunately when we’re kids, its still very horizontal and so the liquid behind the ear will not drain properly. So, anytime a kid is sick, has a cold, sinus infection, or even goes swimming the ears can’t drain properly and the accumulation of fluid behind the eardrums will cause a lot of pressure and earache, unfortunately. Good news is, chiropractic can help with that! So, in chiropractic, we do adjust a lot of kids and by adjusting the first vertebrae in the neck, which holds those muscles very tight, we can get those muscles to relax a little bit more and drain the fluid behind the ears. We also do a lot of massaging, which is behind the ear here and all the way down to the collar. If your child keeps suffering from chronic ear infections, then chiropractic might be for them. I do recommend you go seek professional help. We are always here to help at Amazing Life Chiropractic and Wellness.

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