Chiropractic Care for Infants: Getting Your Infant Adjusted

He was three weeks old when he first got adjusted and it went really well with just little tiny movement just to get things aligned and it worked out really good. He really likes it. He smiles when he gets adjusted. On the hips is where he usually needs it. When kids get adjusted it’s little tiny movements it’s not like the big adjustments that you see when adults get adjusted it’s just little tiny movements. When Mothers ask me about getting their children adjusted, I really encourage it, because they’re growing them into a healthy body. If you’re nervous about getting your children adjusted by chiropractic care, I would say, “first go to the chiropractor and talk to them about how they would specifically adjust your child and to have them show you on yourself first out how it’s different than getting an adult adjustment and then you just have to trust your chiropractor but I think it’s really important to do that when they’re little. My favorite part about coming to Chiro One is that I know I can be taken care of. I can take care of myself then get adjustments and do my stretches while the wonderful people who work here are helpful look watch my children in a sense. They are so good at helping and being in the family it’s really great and they (the kids) also get adjusted and they feel good too. So, our whole family can feel good.

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