Chiropractic & Ear Infections

I’m Dr. Dave Hanson and this is my wife, Kristen and we are the owners of Hanson Family Chiropractic here in Batavia. The biggest lesson we’ve learned from becoming parents, for me personally, it’s been just to be patient. Everything takes longer with little ones. Just getting out the door, packing up to go to the grocery store can be an event. What have you learned? You know, really just to slow down and enjoy the moment because, you know there’s not a lot of them, they age really quickly, and it can be very easy to start doing chores and the busy work, the things that have to be done, but it’s so much fun just to lay on the floor and play Legos, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Those are the things that you remember, not the dishes, so I have to really be conscious about taking a moment and giving our guys all of my attention. The best thing about being a parent… What do you think? Oh, they’re just hilarious. They’re just so funny, and they’re not trying to be a lot of the time, but they’re just so little seeing everything from their perspective. That’s what I was gonna say, yeah. Seeing the world through their eyes and everything is new and exciting. Mm-hmm, then you get to just follow and go along for the ride. Yeah. Things are just as fun and exciting for us because we’re just enjoying it with them. Right. So, today we’re talking about ear infections. Yeah, ear infection kids are some of my favorite to see partially because they respond so stinkin’ well to getting adjusted, but also because I don’t like giving these kids antibiotics. The research has shown for years that most ear infections are viral. They’re not bacterial. So antibiotics aren’t going to do anything, right? Yeah. The problem is they’ve got this stagnant fluid sitting in their ears. So, we’ve got to get the fluid moving, essentially? Exactly. If you’ve got stagnant water in your yard, you’re gonna get mosquitoes. If you’ve got stagnant fluid in your ears, you’re going to get a virus or bacteria or just some inflammation. Kind of think about it like plumbing. You need to get the fluid draining, so we can get it out of your system. There’s actually a little muscle in your inner ear called your tensor veli palatini, which like no one has ever heard of, but it’s responsible for milking fluid down your ear so it can drain properly. Just like if you swallow food, there’s a muscle that gets the food into your stomach. There’s a little muscle that does the same thing in your ear and it gets its nerve supply through the top part of the neck, so if your child has some issue in the top part of the neck, possibly from birth, possibly from other things, that muscle may not be working properly, because it doesn’t have a healthy nerve supply. So, when these kids get adjusted, specifically to the top part of the neck, this muscle can do its job, the fluid can drain, and they don’t have this vulnerability for ear infections.

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