Chiropractic Helps Ear Infections

Hey, everybody. Dr. Steph here, and I wanted to give a quick note of something
that I’m seeing a rash of in my practice, and I want to explain a little bit
about how chiropractic can help. So, most people know that I see children
in my practice. You’ve seen the pictures. And a lot of people are like,
“What the heck is that all about?” Well, one of my first children in my practice
that I saw was for ear infections. So I want to explain a little bit about, number one,
I was so successful with so many kids that I did lectures about it and I went
to schools because quite frankly it’s the number one reason for antibiotics
and for ER visits in children. And then, number two, surgery are tubes
in the ears. And tubes in the ears… the only other surgery that’s higher
than that for kids is circumcision. you’re going to understand
what’s going on. So my Aunt Dee had a pool. I grew up with going to her pool,
and in the spring she’d pull the tarp off the pool and it looked like a swamp. Like Day of the Dead,
like zombies coming out of it. And what they would do is they
would put Shark in the pool, right? So anybody that grew up with a pool knows
they put this chemical in and it was wham! And chlorine and whatever that is,
that would kill everything in the pool and then the pool would be
this crystal clear water. That is not unlike what happens
with the ear infection. So what happens in an ear infection
is that those ears… that inner ear… should be draining through something
called your Eustachian tube. And when that Eustachian tube gets closed… and we’re
going to talk about that in a second, the reason why… that inner ear becomes like that swimming pool.
It’s hot, it’s moist and things grow. And when things grow it gets infected.
And so what do we do in our society? We shock it. We shock it with the antibiotics.
I had a patient with six sets of tubes… and we’re going to talk about tubes in a second…
and failing every time. Losing hearing. I had another patient that is like mid-15, 16 months
and had been on four rounds of antibiotics in the last month. And had been on…I don’t even know how
many before. And all have recovered. And so I want to talk to you about the ‘why’.
So I’m going to flip over to my charts. So, this chart really tells the story. Because
the nerves from this part of the neck go in. Now the ear is in here right here, but the nerves
from this part of the neck go in the ear. What we have to remember is that
the nerves that run your body come out in between each one of these vertebrae.
And when we’re looking way at the top of the spine, nerves from that area…it’s actually your brain stem…
go into the eyes, into the jaw, up into the brain. had another one that’s having trouble sleeping…
and so, hey, when you’re doing Facebook Live you should probably not let your phone ring.
I just learned that. Anyway, back to this. So, the nerves from here go into there. So I’m going
to come back here and you’re going to… to. Okay. So, there is a nerve…if something is off in that
upper neck that can pinch or irritate the nerve. What a chiropractor calls that,
they call that a vertebral subluxation. What that means is that the nerve that’s
coming out in between the vertebrae… and in this case in between where
the head and the neck meet… when that is not in the right
alignment, it can do this. A lot of kids are growing up… when they’re first born,
they prefer one head turn to the other. That can be a sign that the upper neck
is not in the right alignment. Torticollis is what it’s called when it’s at its most worst.
But a lot of kids have it and they don’t even know it. Look at your kids. Do they all have
a head turn to one side over the other? That’s one of the things that you’re going
to want to look for. Anyway, so back to this. So there’s a muscle in there. It’s called
your tensor veli palatini muscle. So, if you’ve ever woken up with a crick in your neck,
this is a crick from the neck that goes to this muscle. And that muscle opens and
closes the Eustachian tube. So guess what? A little spasm in this muscle stops
the drainage. So a pond is not stagnant water. A pond has water coming in, water coming out.
And what we want in these ears is we want them to drain. What tubes due is they puncture a hole
in the eardrum and create an artificial drain. Well, God made the body with a drain. If you’ve ever
been on an airplane and you had your ears pop, that’s your Eustachian tube. So that’s what we do.
We have a series of very gentle adjustments. See that? That’s the amount of pressure I use on a baby.
Or if I’m checking a tomato for ripeness. Very gentle techniques. Really effective. If you live in Chicago, call me, instant
messenger me. I can help you If you don’t know somebody that can help you and
you don’t live in Chicago, Instant Messenger me and we’ll find you a kickass chiropractor
that’s going to help you with this. You do not need to put your kid on the antibiotic rollercoaster.
If you don’t what I’m talking about, ask around, because this is a thing. So, I hope this is helpful. Any messages you have or any questions,
please feel free to put it in the comments. I just want to do these periodically and
this is something that came up and came up. I’ve said the same thing three times in the last two days
because I’ve had so many kids with ear infections. So, hopefully this is helpful and I hope
you’ll all have a great day. Take care.

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