Chiropractor in Lincoln NE- Ear Infection Relief

– Hi guys, I’m Rachel with Schulte Chiropractic Wellness Center and we have the Manning
girls with us today. – Hi! – If you wanna introduce yourselves, here. – Sure, my name’s Abby Manning. – My name’s Stella Manning. – I’m Sophie Manning. – And we have been coming
to Dr. Schulte’s office now for about probably five years. I would say. And, my husband was actually one of Dr. Schulte’s first patients and he came with having some back troubles and that’s kinda how
we started going here. And then, he saw good success with that and then we had Sophie, I
guess that was seven years ago that we’ve, the girls
and I have been coming. And she was having trouble
as a baby with acid reflux and some different feeding
issues and things like that. And he helped her with that. And then, it wasn’t until
a couple years later that Sophie had been in the hospital and she had numerous ear infections and bronchitis and just lots of illnesses that I was finally kind of at my wits end as far as taking her to the pediatrician over and over again, so, I just decided to give Dr. Schulte a chance as far as like helping us just become healthier as a family and especially with our kids. And, we started doing that regularly and their health has
been greatly benefited from chiropractic care and coming here, to Schulte Chiropractic,
so we are definitely pleased with the results for sure. – Perfect. And, girls, what’s your
favorite part about coming to the office? – Umm, you get a. Get a sticker. – I get to be with Dr. Stan. (laughter) – Dr. Stan! – Thanks for sharing, guys. (upbeat music)

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