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– Hey guys, it’s Doctor Schulte here with Schulte Chiropractic Wellness Center and we’re here with
Kate, and Kate just had a beautiful newborn baby and her name is – Margaret. – So her name’s Margaret. Margaret’s six years old
and I wanted to do a video here today to show you guys the benefits of why a baby would get adjusted, why would a six-day-old baby get adjusted? Lot of different benefits. What we’re looking at in our office is we wanna make sure your brain is able to communicate
with the rest of the body. As a baby, there are
more connections going on in that brain in those first two years than we make in the
entire rest of our lives so really, really critical
that we get that brain communicating and opening up
with the rest of that body. I know you’ve experienced a birth, but any of you that have seen a birth or experienced a birth, you know that that baby’s neck,
they’re oftentimes pulling on that neck to help that baby get out. Oftentimes with a
C-section, it’s even worse. You think sometimes that that
would be easier on the baby but it’s actually more traumatic. What happens is the most important area in your entire spinal
cord is right up here. It’s called your atlas
and it actually surrounds the brainstem itself. Any interference in that brain’s ability to send that message right up here could affect all sorts
of different things. I wanna show you guys a chart here quick. I’m gonna sneak by you here, Kate. If you wanna come and
look at this chart here. This is a chart of your nervous system, your brain and spinal cord, and the area that we focus on the most on babies is right up top here, that’s the area that surrounds the brainstem,
and if you look over here, these are some of the symptoms that babies will have. A lot of babies have trouble with sleep, so it can help with insomnia. Ear infections, one of the biggest reasons why people visit a pediatrician. We’ve helped a lot of people with that. Digestive issues, colic, allergies, sinus. All of that stuff can be affected. What we’re gonna do here with Margaret is I’m gonna use very,
very light pressure, just with my fingertips, to adjust her. We’re gonna focus all of
our attention up here. I like to tell people I’m using about the amount of pressure to test the ripeness of a tomato. Not that much pressure at all and it’ll look probably
like I’m not doing that much but I’ll show you very specifically. I’m gonna find which
area is interfered with and we’re just gonna
put some pressure there in a very specific way and
we’ll release that pressure. It’s not gonna hurt her,
very very beneficial for her. I’m gonna have you swing around here. If you just wanna set her down here, Kate. She’s just gonna lay face down. She’s a cute little baby. I’m just gonna get my fingers
positioned right here. What we’re finding here
today is on this right side. If you wanna feel the little
bone right underneath your ear, that area is shifted to the
right just a little bit. I’m putting some sustained pressure there. Very specific direction. It’s not painful, my fingers might just be a little bit cold. (baby crying) – Good. Gonna check in just a little
bit lower here, around C2. Good. Okay, gonna do one last check here. Just stretch her little legs out. Checking to make sure those
are balanced and even. She’s all set. That’s an adjustment. That little adjustment, you
can pick her up if you like. (baby crying) You can see how happy she is. Sometimes they cry a little bit just because it does change quite a bit. It takes a lot of
pressure out of that area. Youngest I’ve adjusted is one day old. The first baby I adjusted,
I haven’t told you this. First baby I ever adjusted
was a few days old. Severe colic, crying
and crying and crying. Wouldn’t sleep. The dad was a super nice guy but he wasn’t able to
spend time with the baby cause it was just too much. Came in, the baby was crying, crying. I adjusted the baby and the baby literally fell
asleep, just like that. Scared the crap out of
me, I gotta be honest. I knew it was powerful what we were doing. We adjusted the baby, the
mom took the baby home. Came back the next day and said the baby slept for 14 hours straight. Not only does it really
help the baby’s life, but those of you who are new parents, if that baby can’t sleep,
that means you can’t sleep and that affects everybody involved. That’s an adjustment there so hopefully that gives
you guys an insight into the benefits of that. With pregnancy too, we help
a lot of pregnant mothers through pregnancy, we helped
Kate through her pregnancy. Just a few statistics
on the benefits of that. There’s a couple different
studies out there. One of them shows a 24% decrease in labor time for new mothers, so the very first time you have a baby and for the second and
third time you have a baby, when you’re under chiropractic care during that pregnancy, you have a
39% decrease in labor time. Huge, huge benefits there. Kate, I don’t know if you
wanna share your experience just the last few months of getting care and how your birth went. – Yeah, a lot of people told me, this is our third, and
a lot of people told me that it could be just as long as our first or it could be as short as our second. The third one is always a toss-up. I wasn’t too excited about that. We went in for an induction and it was a really quick labor and I felt very good the next day. Recovery-wise, I mean six
days later I feel really good. – That’s awesome, awesome. I think you said, you pushed
three times or something. – Yeah, pushed three times.
– And had the baby. That’s what happens so
hope that gives you guys some insight there, if
you have any questions you can feel free to call our office. Even if you don’t live in Nebraska here, feel free to give our office a call and I’d be happy to refer you. There are a lot of other chiropractors doing the same thing. Really, really beneficial. Happy to help you any way I can. Take care and we’ll talk to you soon.

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