ClariFix to Treat Chronic Runny Nose and Congestion

The persistent runny nose, also known as chronic
rhinitis, is characterized by inflammation of the nasal mucosa triggered by allergies
or other irritant leading to excessive mucus secretion with or without congestion. The nerves that regulate mucus secretion innervate
the nose from the very back. It has been shown that disrupting these posterior
nasal nerves significantly resolve symptoms of a runny nose and congestion whether due
to non-allergic rhinitis or severe allergies. Clarifix is an innovative cryotherapy device
developed to ablate the posterior nasal nerves thereby resolving chronic rhinitis symptoms. This nerve ablation is accomplished by freezing
the mucosal lining precisely where the posterior nasal nerves are located while preserving
blood supply. This procedure can be performed with local
anesthesia in the office under endoscopic guidance through the nostril. The cryo probe is introduced through the nostril
after adequate local anesthesia has taken affect. Under endoscopic visualization, the probe
is placed precisely in the back of the nose where the nasal nerves innervate the nasal
mucosa. This anatomic location is known as the posterior
middle meatus. The video inset shows the actual procedure
being performed. Once placement is confirmed, the cryo probe
is activated allowing the precise freezing of the target nasal mucosa. Freezing is administered for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the cryo probe is turned
off and the ice crystals in the area allowed to thaw for 30 seconds before the probe is
removed. The procedure is than repeated on the opposite
side. There is minimal downtime and pain. Complete healing typically occurs within 4
weeks. 80% of patients report significant reduction
in chronic rhinitis symptoms by as much as 56% on average. If you suffer from an intractable runny nose,
ask your doctor to see if you may benefit from ClariFix.


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