Cocker Spaniel Grooming – Part 6 of 7

Now I’m going to show you how to put
together the Cocker Spaniel ear cleaner we’ve been using on all of
our dogs for years and years and years. And the recipe has been on our web site
for a long time, too. People actually think that we came up
with the recipe ourselves. That’s not true. It was actually invented by a lady named Jacqui Christy, who was one of our mentors
in the early days of our breeding program. Jacqui ran Hi-Acre Cockers, and she was also the Secretary of
the Cocker Spaniel Club of San Diego County. And Jackie took a recipe that existed in
the Cocker world for I don’t know, since about 1950, I think
something like that. and she drastically improved upon that old recipe, made it a lot better, and that’s the
recipe that I’m going to tell you about now… the new and improved version… which is very effective at fighting
ear infections in Cocker Spaniels. Now, you can find the recipe on our web site and you just scroll down the main page
until you see where it says “How To Prevent And Treat Ear Infections”. Click on that, and that opens up the page with all the
information about the ear cleaner including the recipe which you can then print out…
and you’ll just go by that. Now, there’s four ingredients in the ear cleaner, all of which you can get at your local stores between the grocery store and your local drug store,
you should be able to come up with all four of these. The main ingredient is isopropyl..
or what’s sometimes known as “rubbing” alcohol. You’ll see in the store sometimes
they have 70% alcohol and 91% alcohol. You’re going to want the 91% alcohol
because that’s got a lot less water in it. And you really want as little water in the ear as possible. So, main ingredient: 91% alcohol. It also has distilled white vinegar,
which you can find in your grocery store. And then a product called Betadine,
which is kind of like Iodine. It’s a antiseptic solution, and you’ll find that in the drugstore
over-the-counter. Then the tricky part is to find this.
Some people seem to have trouble finding it. It’s boric acid powder. Now, we got it right in our Rite Aid store
right over the counter. But if you have any trouble finding it, Just ask the pharmacist at your local pharmacy
for some boric acid powder. and you can tell him you’re going to be putting together
ear cleaner for your Cocker Spaniel and he’ll help you find it. And if you totally strike out locally
and you can’t find it, I usually have a link on the ear cleaner page
that will take you to places on the Internet where you can get the boric acid also. One other thing you’re going to need is a bottle
to mix the solution up in to and then to apply it into your Cocker’s ears. We get these bottles with this neat little spout on them from the local beauty supply store. But really, you don’t have to use this exact bottle. You could use any kind of… a plastic mustard bottle all cleaned out,
or whatever. But we like these bottles from the
beauty supply store because they have markings right on the side that show the
measurements in ounces and that makes it really, really
easy to mix up the recipe. I’m going to show you exactly how that goes. So, I don’t have the recipe memorized,
so I’m going to cheat and look at the printed instructions here. And the first thing is to pour six ounces
of the alcohol in there. So, because this bottle has ounces
marked right on the side I can just pour until it comes up to
the six ounce spot on the side. That’s why I like these bottles! So, here we go with six ounces of alcohol. OK, I’m up at the six ounce mark
and I’m done with the alcohol. Set that aside. Now I’m going to add one-and-a-half
teaspoons of the boric acid powder. So, you can just dip in here. I’m going to get a level teaspoon
and dump that in. And then add another half of a teaspoon in there. And dump that in. And you want to try not to get any of
that on your skin or anything because it is… It’s acid. So, that’s not going to be real good for you. Now, we just put the bottle top on here,
plug up the hole on the top and I’m just going to shake it like crazy. And you want to shake this thing until you look at it and you see that the boric acid is pretty much all mixed up in there and you can’t see the little boric acid powder anymore. It’s gotten all mixed up into the solution. After you’ve shaken that really, really well, you’re going to add two ounces of the white vinegar. So again, because I have ounces
measured right on here, I can just pour until I’m up
two ounces higher than I was before. There’s two ounces of vinegar. I’m going to put the cap on and shake it some more. And then the final step is to
put in the Betadine in there. So, it’s 1 teaspoon of Betadine. This stuff can stain and make a real mess so you’re going to really want to be careful
with the Betadine not to spill it all over the place. Let’s get my teaspoon here. All right. It’s got a very deep red color to it. And then when you mix that in here it turns the ear cleaning solution
to the color of iced tea. Now, mix it up again. I’ve got my finger over the end of the cap,
so nothing spills out. And then when we’re all done there,
you can see it’s the color of iced tea and that’s your ear cleaner. You may want to mix it up some more
because I still see a few little granules of boric acid floating around
on the bottom there. But that’s not going to be a huge problem,
if there’s a few granules. You just want it mixed up as much as you can. And now all you’ve got to do
is put it in the dog’s ear. So, the easiest way is to kind of make
a funnel out of the ear. Hold the ear up like that so it’s just like
a funnel going down in to the ear canal. You pour that stuff in there until
you see it come all the way up to the top. Then you just grab it
and squish it around in there with your hand. Same thing on the other side. Fill it up. Squish it around in there real
good with your hand And we always do this outside
because of what’s just about to happen! As soon as I let go, she’s going to shake her head and that stuff is going to go flying
all over the place. And because of the Betadine that’s in it,
it will stain things. So, you don’t want to do it inside
by your nice carpet or by your couch. And you really don’t want it on your clothes! So, as soon as I let go, I’m going to kind of back off and she will fling it everywhere! Now, if your dog has a real bad ear infection going and there’s all sorts of junk inside the ear Here’s what you do: You put a little bit of that ear cleaner on to a cotton ball and then go in there with the cotton
ball and clean things out with your finger. You could do it with a Q-tip
but it’s not a good idea because you might have a tendency with a Q-tip
to push it in too deep and possibly damage the ear. There’s no way you’re going to damage things
with a cotton ball at the end of your finger. So, just with a little bit of ear cleaner
on that cotton ball you can rub things out in there and get out any big chunks of gunk
that might be in there.


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