Collaborating with water utilities

RedEye is the newest technology adopted
by WaterStart a public-private partnership that includes the Las Vegas
Valley Water District and Southern Nevada Water Authority. Launched in early 2018, RedEye is expected to realize significant efficiencies for engineers and water resource managers. With RedEye, engineering plans and drawings can be updated digitally from the field or office device the technology is a cloud-based system that consolidates engineering plans into one easily accessible platform Well, right now we have tens of thousands of different
engineering drawings and the drawings are kept in various locations throughout the organization What the RedEye solution does is it provides the drawings that we need to the people in the field, this cloud-based storage
solution can be utilized on many different things such as an iPad such as
a laptop or a Microsoft tablet and individuals in the field can bring up
the latest drawing they can perform the as-builts while they’re doing the work
and then because it’s cloud-based the as-builts are automatically updated that day and this reduces time, energy and effort in order to get our people the right
drawings, accurate drawings, at the right time. In just the beginning stages of its
implementation, RedEye’s cloud-based software already has consolidated about a half a million engineering documents, reducing duplicate paper and electronic versions. So RedEye, we’re excited about it because it lets us go from carrying big files like this, to reducing what the inspectors carry in the field to just an iPad so you’re talking a project that could span 30, 40, 50, sheets it’s all on one iPad they can access it at any time and anything that they do to
that project in the as-builting any changes to it happens in real
time so if the inspector is out here working he makes a change and addition I can see it within seconds you know from the office engineering services can see it, development services can see it even our customers can have access to the information Another thing is you know with the district values respect, integrity, service excellence and
sustainability RedEye helps us with our sustainability part because we’re going
to cut down the amount paper we use we’re going green you know
our footprint that the district has is gonna shrink substantially. RedEye is the latest technology adopted by the Southern Nevada Water Authority
and the Las Vegas Valley Water District through WaterStart, a public-private
partnership that includes Nevada businesses and the Governor’s office Well here in Las Vegas we have the WaterStart program and so by partnering with WaterStart we’re able to seek different solutions to our individual problems
with worldwide industry innovators. RedEye is an Australian company that we found in a governor’s trip over to Australia by bringing RedEye in here we do
accomplish two things One, we’re solving a local problem that we have in managing engineering drawings Two, we are allowing an international company to set up in Las Vegas providing jobs and opportunities for people who live in Las Vegas so
we’re diversifying our economy as well as solving problems here in Las Vegas

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