Colloidal Silver Ear Wax Impaction | Auburn Medical Group

hey thanks for joining us Glen comes in
with his ear feeling plug so we’re going to go ahead and take a look in there and
see why is your still plugged and see if we can help it that it’s a tight canal
to let’s let me numb that up okay here we
go how’s that feel cold bug ya still gotta
run in there your friend had given you some colloidal
silver ya gotta else while same personnel to shorten my prime couple
hundred parts maybe a 504 ounce bottle about 45 and Claudio silver is used not
in that how to work it in alternative medicine what we find those actually has
toxic to the body causes condition called our journalism and I think we’re
going to see some effects of it in the color of the cerumen so I actually
discourage use coil silver well we’re gonna have to get the liquid out that
cannot have you sit upright yeah so almost black and that’s the the
effect effect of the silver getting in the room yeah you can see some yellow swimming
behind the black sermon we’re getting some of the black wax out the silver
impregnated wax are ya dark chunks the yellow before that out yeah it’s not budging it’s not budging right now what we’re
going to have to do will make one more attempt here with the pointed forceps
but if it’s not coming out then what we’ll do is just soften it up with an
either murine or or what’s the other 1d Brock’s over-the-counter wax softener yeah but we will use something to soften
it up get you back next week so we’ll have you put these drops in twice a day
and then the fish it may do the job for us ok alright so this will be a to be


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