Colour Analysis Q&A – Cool Undertone With Red Hair?, Eye Patterns, Undertones

it’s been a couple weeks now since I
produced a video I’ve been battling a nasty cold but I thought I would produce
one today doing a little bit of a catch all about some questions that have
arisen like if you have natural red hair color can you have a cool undertone
delving deeper into undertones cool versus warm and I also want to talk
quickly about some eye pattern comments that have been put on my eye pattern
videos so stay tuned hey everyone I’m Carol Brailey of if I look red and puffy on your screen that’s because I am I’ve been
battling a nasty cold and I don’t want to put a whole bunch of makeup on to
hide the fact that I’m red because I don’t like wearing a bunch of makeup so
sorry or just deal with the coloring appearing
on your screen right now but I wanted to produce a video today
just to do a bit of a catch up on some questions that have arisen posted by you
and I wanted to answer them so before I get into the questions I just want to
share with you that all my videos and all the content on my videos are based
on seasonal color analysis so seasonal color analysis has a significant history
based on science logic and objectivity around color and you wearing your best
colors and there is a science behind it so my eye pattern videos are based on
that my conversations in videos about looking at underlying quality of
coloring etc is based on this science logic and objectivity that I’ve been
trained in and have significant experience on the ground implementing
and reviewing with in-person clients so I have significant experience with
in-person clients that I have been converted into a virtual service as well
to help people around the world I said set all this just to help clarify the
source of information that I’m using for all my color analysis videos because
some people have been rightfully asking me what the source is and I and I love
that because you’re spending perhaps time and money implementing this
information so absolutely question the source and so you know I love it when
people meet the source of this information
because that means they’re really questioning the reliability of the
information there’s a ton of information out there about you know coming up with
your undertone and all that and you know if it’s not based on seasonal color
analysis or the process around it I’m not saying that’s wrong I’m just saying
that you know it’s right to question the source and understand a bit around the
science logic and objectivity around what other system you’re using or what
other test you’re using because you’re spending your time and money on this
stuff I’ve also talked in other videos a great deal about you know who are you
listening to and and so really understand as well whether you’re
listening to a trained and experienced professional and the reason why I’m
saying all this is because so many comments have been listed on my videos
not following information that I find reliable and frankly I wasn’t trained
not on in part of my seasonal color analysis training like the vein test the
vein test was never part of my seasonal color analysis training and I have seen
so many and many many many warm undertone people with blue veins so the
reason why I’m I started the video this way is because I’m gonna probably answer
this question in in a bit of a controversial fashion and so the
question is if you have red hair color natural red hair color can you have a
cool skin undertone and my response is if you’re referring to natural red hair
color in your post puberty year years say around the age of 20 my answer is no
I have never seen somebody with a cool Skinner tone who
had natural red hair color copper in their hair Auburn in their hair who has
a fully school skin undertone in in my life I’m gonna say it would be unusual
to not possible to have natural red hair color post purity say around the age of
20 and also have a cool skin undertone so I say unusual to not possible in that
range because I believe we live in an unlimited universe and you know miracles
do happen and so I’m not completely gonna roll it out but I’m gonna say it
would be in conflict with my color analysis training and experience on the
ground for somebody with naturally red hair say around the age of 20 to have a
fully cool skin undertone and when I say fully cool skin undertone I’m talking
about summer coloring cool coloring so winter summer coloring and winter
coloring so I you could be neutral cool but it would be unlikely to not possible
for you to be fully cool if you have natural red in your hair post puberty so
if you are somebody in the age range of say 20 or are looking back to that age
range and saying I had yo rad in my hair at that age range but I definitely have
a cool undertone that could just be a sign that you’re looking at your skin
tone versus your skin undertone so just to recap your skin undertone is looking
at the underlying qualities of your coloring where your skin tone is looking
at the surface color coloring so there are many people with say red hair who
have pale colored skin tone and that’s really a skin tone thing so if you
undertone so cool undertone is blue so if you are compared looking at pale
and thinking it’s cool that’s sort of looking at apples to oranges because
undertone is based on underlying quality of coloring and skin tone pale skin is
just looking at your surface coloring so like I said I have never seen in my
color analysis practice somebody who is fully cool in terms of their undertone
who has had red in their hair post puberty in around the age of 20 so you
know really revisit that because that is in conflict with my training and on the
ground experience and because neutral undertone is really a mix of cool and
warm it is possible for you to be neutral cool and have a bit of red in
your hair so it’s possible that you are neutral cool
the next sort of comment flavor I want to touch upon is for those of you who
are seeing all my patterns in your eye that I cover off in the eye pattern
videos so for instance if you saw you know halo speckles starburst clouds and
wheels in your eye I’m I’m gonna say that that’s not possible and I have a
number of years experience looking at this and I get that it’s your first
rodeo it’s it’s very unlikely well it’s it’s not possible in terms of color
analysis for you to have all the patterns that I cover off in that video
in your eye so just be careful about looking at your eye pattern and
narrowing the field down of patterns that are in your eye because some of the
combinations that you guys are commenting with are not possible and and
I get this is your first rodeo so you know you may want to enroll in my DIY
workshop the link is below to delve a little bit further deeper into eye
patterns and how relates to your seasonal color analysis
results and also helping you narrow the field down for your eye pattern so the
next and the last sort of thing I want to cover off in this video is just
delving a bit deeper into undertones and showing you visually what it means on
your screen because there are so many videos out there I think that just show
you a picture of somebody or have you look at your veins and make some
determination of what cool versus warm versus neutral is and I just want to
sort of delve a bit deeper and take that one step further and show you visually
on your screen around if you say you are fully cool this is what you’re meeting
in terms of the colors that make you Sparkle so that sort of thing so let me
go through that scenario first so if you think you are fully cool in terms of
your skin undertone that means you have you know decided that summer coloring
winter coloring or cool so which is winter summer coloring makes you Sparkle
so that’s what it means if you’re saying you’re fully cool and if you are
somebody who thinks you are fully warm in terms of your skin at at home that
means you’ve decided that autumn spring or autumn and spring coloring looks best
on you and then if you’re somebody who decided you were neutral cool neutral
neutral warm that means you would have decided that muted deep right or light coloring suits you best
so somebody commented on my one of my videos lately and said oh they
definitely have a neutral cool undertone but you know Brown doesn’t suit them and
and so all the pallets that fall within the neutral undertone range have brown
in them because neutral undertone range is really a mix of cool and warm
coloring and so you know Brown there can be cool Browns but this would be sort of
a neutral brown so if you’re somebody who is thinking oh you’re neutral cool
but you know there’s no way Brown suit you so that’s why you’re neutral cool
that wouldn’t really hold together in terms of the color analysis or seasonal
color analysis world so that’s why I just wanted to delve a bit deeper to say
if you’re saying you have a warm Skinner tone this is what it converts to in
terms of the color families so hopefully this helps further help you define
whether you have a cool warm or neutral undertone range coloring happy shopping
and have a fabulous day you


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