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you very much for watching our ear wax removal compilation video today so we
have two patients in this video first gentleman’s come through bless him he’s
been struggling with his ears for a little while he’s got a lot of very dry
hardened it’s difficult to tell whether it’s ear wax or skin because it’s so tough
but same on both sides for him so what we’re doing here first of all is just
clearing the outer part of the ear canal just getting rid of some of the looser
debris at the entrance well you can see then so we’ve got a harder plug here
almost perfectly form to the shape of the ear canal so what we’re going to do
is lift from the sides because at the moment it’s quite firmly attached on
each ear canal wall as we lift you’ll be able to see that there’s a little bit of
white dry as a dead skin underneath so this has been sat on top of this skin in
the a ear canal for a little while it’s quite tough so that’s why I’m opting to
go in with the crocodile forcep to grab hold of the edge of this a little bit
just broke away there were the forceps they you can see the whiter material
there just underneath that’s where it’s been holding on quite tightly in this
ear canal I also get some good movement to it there though so taken there one side
of it away and brought it all forwards in the ear canal so we’ll just grip it again you don’t see all that sort of dead skin
material underneath that’s why it’s difficult to tell whether this is skin
or ear wax it’s kind of very closely mixed together so you can see there’s a lot of
dead skin kind of discharge and bits and pieces underneath here so just peeling
that away at the moment now what you’ll see is that it actually
goes down very deep so it’s sitting almost directly on top of the eardrum they see it only outside edge so we’re
just peeling this away I’ve got a good loop there so if we can get into that
little gap there we should be able to get this out with a crocodile forcep I’m
sorry the the it’s moving quite a bit the general had a slight tremor which
was causing that obviously the camera to move slightly which makes it a little
bit more difficult to clear especially when you’re clearing legs we are now
which is close to the ear canal wall because I wanted which also you don’t dig into
the ear canal wall because I could risk causing some bleeding so anyway I can
see we’re just taking away some of the older kind of skin debris that’s around
the outside here after speaking to this gentleman he has
is he is cleaned out quite regularly not with us this is the first visit to us
but he’s had them cleaned out on a regular basis usually about every more
five to six months for why he described as what’s come out of his ears in the
past it’s very similar so it does look like this is a recurrent problem for him
now I’m just I can see there’s some dead skin to the right side of the ear canal
there so I’m just removing what I can see to the left and I’ll try and lift a
little bit of that dead skin there on the right so just very gently getting
underneath the leading edge here you can see it touch the ear canal wall there so the
patient jumped so we just need to be very very careful in here not touch the
ear canal was a very delicate procedure and obviously with the tremor it makes it
even more difficult so I’m not going to go too close to the eardrum if I can
help it just because I don’t want to accidentally touch the eardrum you can
see a tremor kicking in there again here we are so just taking away trying to
stay you know a couple of millimeters away from the drum there we go now
that’s as much as I want to take away safely for this patient really it’s
difficult to try and clear the road because there to clear the remainder of
that I’d have to be on top of the eardrum and with that tremor I don’t
want to run the risk of perforating the eardrum so this is the second year so
I’m just peeling away as we did on the other side the outer section very
similar type of material on this side very hardened at ear wax sitting on top of
the skin in the ear canal so we’re causing a few issues as far as that the skin dying
off and Leath it so we’re just going to lift with a crocodile forceps and just
gently slowly but steadily pull this out there we go it’s coming away nicely so
you can see just how big this plug was when we get behind this you can see
we’ve got some dead skin there that the the roof of the ear canal we got a large
piece of this dried this dried skin material here now it I I’m trying
normally with the tremor we would kind of try and avoid going in with either a
drum but it because that was so firmly attached it was causing more into
trouble as far as his hearing was concerned I’ve cleared that away we can
see some more dead kind of skin debris in here as well so let’s get rid of that
and see it connected to the attic portion there as well okay so you can
see that where that’s been stuck to the usual we’ve got this to this layer here
so I’m just going to gently probe the outside edge well I can see you’ve got a
bit of a lift okay so we’ve got a bit of a peel here so if I can just gently peel
this away without getting too close to the drum oh yeah okay I’m gonna have to
try and clear some of this off the drum so the gentleman was an absolute star he
tried to stay as still as he possibly could for me so I could get this off for
him see it’s just very liquid material now so not that hardened up material I
was expecting it to be just very very liquid so just he’s staying really still
bless him so we’ve managed to get a lot of this off the drum I’m not gonna get
it completely clear today but you can see the material that we were also this
is very hard and that ear wax with the white dead skin underneath that’s it in inches
there okay so a second patient of the
compilation this lady’s come through is very blocked up here’s so what we’re
going to do today is just remove this forest as you can see we’ve got this
piece of ear wax that’s sitting in the ear canal quite angular at the front so not
easiest to get a good microsuction grip on because what I’m trying to do is just
move it across to the left so I can get a good section grip on the flatter part
of it to the right hand side where you can see it’s not really wanting to budge
too well so just working this up and oh I’m trying to get the best grip I can
using the microsuction maybe I just broke look at the leading edge off there it
looked a little bit like a cotton wool fiber so I tried to get a grip on it
with the crocodile forceps there you go it wasn’t cotton wool fiber but it was
just a very long piece of dry dry skin running through the center of it so
luckily as we got a grip on the outside edge it started to to pull the remaining
ear wax debris forwards you can see that’s actually here it’s from the side of the
head you can see getting in the way there so there’s the eardrum on that
side so all nice and clear now on that one now this ear canal you can see
cotton bud you see we’ve got a very deep depression in the center of the ear wax
whilst the outside edges are still quite close to that the ear canal wall so just
trying to get some of the hairs out the way oh yeah
so as we go in we’ll just go as we did with the first patient just lift
there you go from the sides and you can see this is some dry skin here as we’re
lifting it’s peeling from the ear canal wall so we need to get this out of the way
otherwise it’s going to stop us from getting to the deeper ear wax behind a lot
more dry skin here again which as we start pulling starts to unravel on the
inside part of the year so this has been chewing up in there you can see this
here this lady had quite short hair so it wouldn’t go by her ear kept dropping
in the way all the time and you can see as we’re pulling see
these long ribbons of skin still going coming away so luckily we were able to
get grips on this and as we pulled it was pulling lis the deeper ribbons out
of the ear canal here we go is another one gone so we’ve got a little leading edge
there and get through this here again now you can see the very last bit of ear wax
here so that those ribbons of skin have been holding this piece of ear wax much much
deeper in the ear canal so we’re just taking that one away and there we are
there’s the ear drum looking nice and healthy so this is what we removed you
can see a lot of the long fits of skin got sucked into the machine
unfortunately but these are the larger pieces we took away you very much
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