Computer Eye Strain Part 1 of 3

Hi everyone Adam from The Eye Place here, talking to you today about computer eye strain and what you can do about it so is being a first part in a three-part series, i’d like to talk to you about ways we can try and minimize computer eye strain which results from the steering and digital device like a phone or a tablet or your computer screen for prolonged length of time, so the part I’d like talk to you today abaout is brightness and lighting in your office or your work space environment, so firstly is your surrounding light, so you really want to try and minimize any light coming in from windows or lighting above that’s not too far over the back of you or in front of you that causes glare, and touching on glare, you want to try and minimize the glare coming off your computer screen, so angling screen playing around with the settings on your computer just to really maximize the comfort of your vision was looking at the computer screen and if you’ve already wearing glasses, I always recommend getting an anti-reflective coatings on the surfaces which just minimises the glare and mobile app reflecting off the front and the back surface of the lenses, overall making a much more comfortable experience when your at any computer or for any prolonged length of time, and the final thing you can do is just have a look at the screen brightness, so if you can have the screen brightness match the surrounding brightness of the lighting level in your office or your workspace that also adds to reducing the effects and impacts of computer eye strain and finally of course it’s always good that you get your eyes checked regularly so every two years you should have a full eye test not only checking your vision and your prescription, but also to examine your eye health to make sure that we’re picking up on anything early rather trying to manage any conditions further down the track when it’s much harder to do so. Thanks very much and you can now book online if you need to make an appointment at Hope to see you soon!

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