Computer eye strain

3 IT’S “WELLNESS WEDNESDAY”! WITH ALL THE TIME WE SPEND ON COMPUTERS, PHONES, AND OTHER ELECTRONICS… WE WANTED TO KNOW MORE…ABOUT WHAT WE ARE DOING TO OUR EYES. DR. JUSTINE O’DELL FROM SPARTANBURG VISION WEST…. IS HERE TO ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS! GOOD MORNING! ááadlib chat 3 SIGNS OF EYESTRAIN: áheadaches áburning átearing áblurred vision ádiscomfort áfatigue 3 Prevention: áComprehensive eye exams -uncorrected vision problems -inadequate eye focusing or coordination abilities- computer/antifatigue glasses -dry eye á20/20/20 rule áBlinking breaks -dry eye 3 dry eye diagram 3 áViewing Distance/Computer position: screen distance 20-28 inches away and 15-20 below eye level áLighting áGlare ábrightness display/blue light

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