Conjuntivitis, cómo curar o tratar la conjuntivitis.

Explanation, prevention and treatment of Conjunctivitis Hi, I am Doc Bueno and this is MedicinaClara your medical channel on Internet. The topic that we are going to deal with today is the prevention and treatment of
conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation and/or infection of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a tissue that we have covering our eye inside the eyelids that is why it is one of the causes of red eye most consulted both in the emergency services and in the specialist doctor. There are many causes of conjunctivitis. There are allergic conjunctivitis conjunctivitis due to viral infections conjunctivitis due to bacterial, fungal infections and there may even be conjunctivitis due to reactions of our eye to certain pollutants the smoke, arcs of the torches and even the ultraviolet radiation when
affects sunlight for example in the snow. Usually conjunctivitis are not dangerous they have an effective and simple treatment and we must bear in mind that the conjunctivitis of the newborn are a serious cause that require specialist treatment by the ophthalmologist. The rest of the conjunctivitis they usually contract scratching our eyes. It is very typical for us to sting a bit the eye we touch with dirty hands or a member of our family has conjunctivitis has dried his hands or dried his eyes with a towel and we use it again. This is usually the most frequent mechanism of infection What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis? Usually, scratching, lachrymation, a greater sensitivity to light and that strange body sand feeling that makes us accidentally scratch our eye It is also very typical that when suffering from bacterial conjunctivitis in the mornings we get up with the typical rheum that stuck in the eyelashes and with that yellowish or even in some cases greenish secretion that appears in the conjunctiva and in the ridges of the eye. So, if I do not have conjunctivitis, how can I prevent it? First of all, have good hand hygiene and avoid manipulating our eyes Also if any member of our family has conjunctivitis please wash their hands well use dry wipes to clean the eyes, do not use the common towels Of course if we wear contact lenses, the typical contact lenses do not use them in those moments where conjunctivitis is active and in the case of women avoid makeup over the eye to minimize the effects of conjunctivitis. And what happens if we already have a conjunctivitis? First of all we have to determine what type of conjunctivitis we have if it is bacterial if it is viral or it is an allergic conjunctivitis There are a lot of home remedies on Internet We can applied a few drops of chamomile, use certain infusions what it really does is eye wash we can do it with saline solution or eye drops The home remedies only are going to wash our eyes, a cleaning by drag. of this bacterial content If it is an allergic conjunctivitis we will use some drops with corticoids If it is a bacterial conjunctivitis, in addition to these hygienic measures, what we are going to use are some drops or some ointments with antibiotic treatment And this is very important Now I am going to tell you how to put the drops in the eyes Drops are not thrown directly into the eye To put a drop what we have to do is knock down the patient or the child, tell him to be calm, that the drop will not fall directly on the eye and without the tip of the drop device touching any part of the eye gently remove the lower part of the eyelid we tell the patient to look up the patient lying down or with his head thrown back and looking up and we drop the drops directly on the gap between the eyelid and the eyeball What do we do with the supernatant, that is, what remains around the eye? We remove it quietly with a dry gauze. In short, conjunctivitis has a simple and effective treatment, especially be aware of hand hygiene and household towels. If you liked this video, give us a like and do not forget to share it with family and friends. This is Clear Medicine and I’m the Good Doctor Because a comprehensive medicine is possible and necessary. Thank you very much Please subscribe to our channel from Youtube Facebook and Twitter


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