Copper Red Smokey Eye With Gold Glitter Tears | Jaclyn Hill

I’ll be honest, ill be perfectly okay being buried in this makeup look like honestly, a blown out, red smokey eye gold glitter, and a glossy, pale nude lip like “check please”! Put a fork in my bitch ass, I’m done! I am so happy to be here filming this look I know people are probably gonna say “oh my God all you know how to do is a red smokey eye” So what if that’s all I know how to do? At least it’s something that I like! I am seriously so excited, I feel like I feel like I can’t move my arms because this is like restricting me I don’t think I could ever wear this for for a very long period of time ’cause I feel like I’d be like “hey guys” “like I’m really excited about this makeup look” I can’t lift up my arms otherwise… No seriously, I have been wanting to do this for over a month now at this point but as you guys know, I was gone from Youtube for 3 weeks and then I made my chit chat video and now I’m finally sitting down doing this look And not only have I wanted to film this look, but I’ve actually wanted to wear this look Like I have just been in the mood I’ve just been craving a good, just hot fiery, reddy, orange smokey eye. I was so excited to sit down and just feel this and just feed my soul, fill up my cup bitch! And that’s what I’m doing! I don’t even really know what to call, like, this bottom glitter technique. I’ve been seeing it all around. I saw it in a magazine, I saw a couple videos on Youtube, I’ve seen it on Instagram, I don’t really know what the technique is But hey, when it’s glitter, it’s glitter. It doesn’t really matter how it’s applied, just throw it on your face and you’ll be fabulous I, when I first saw it though, I was kind of like didn’t know what to make of it I was like “what are they doing” Then I was like “girl you better check yourself and get right with the lord because because you are not gonna be hating on ANY way the glitter is applied” I’m always kind of reluctant to, like, new trends, and new things I’m like “no” and then a week later I’m like “YESSSSSS!!!!” At the end of the day, if you have glitter on your body, then you’re doing it right Like in my book, it does not matter how or where you have glitter If you were to flash me and you just had glitter all over your nipples I’d just be like “YESSSSS” I know that a red smokey eye can be intimidating to people I know that it has become a lot more on-trend than it used to be But for those of you who are kind of intimidated or are like “oh my God its gonna make me look like I have the flu” Don’t be intimidated! Just try it out with whatever you have at home. It’s honestly so flattering. Pale skin, dark skin, olive skin, medium skin, light eyes, dark eyes, brown eyes, it really is flattering. Sometimes you just gotta kinda find your tone, but yeah if you decide to step outside the box or maybe you’re a girl or a boy who absolutely loves warm, red smokey eyes, and you try it out, and get inspired by this look PLEASE make sure that you tag me on Instagram, or tweet it to me, I would absolutely love, love to see your recreations ’cause nothing makes me happier than a red smokey eye. And glitter, and avocado. I know that that has nothing to do with it but I’m just saying when I think of the things that make me the happiest in life, I throw avocado in there. I’m done! I love you guys so much, thank you for watching this video and I will see you guys soon! Hello! Oh my gosh you guys I am so excited about this makeup tutorial Okay anyways, I am priming my face as you can see and I am using the Girlon primer which I’ve been obsessing over the past month or so Then for foundation I’m gonna go in with the Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation which has been my absolute fave, go-to the past couple months I actually gotta start switching it up ’cause its getting a little redundant It’s like, enough, Jaclyn, we get it, you like the foundation moving on, my goodness I am using 2 different shades right now I’m using “Golden” which is very yellow based, and then I’m using “Warm Beige” which is a little bit more of, like, a neutral, pinky shade because I did just get a spray tan so I have to kind of go back and forth with different shades to match me when I’m more tan, and then when I lose my spray tan and I’m more fair For concealer, I’m using -oh my gosh- the Tarte Shape Tape which honestly you guys, holy guacamole, we are in a full-on committed relationship at this point and I have to say, I’ve never been happier, this concealer is BOMB Absolutely bomb, if you’re looking for concealer right now and you’re teeter-tottering back and forth I very highly recommend Tarte Shape Tape Now for my under-eyes, I’m going to use the same damp beauty blender and I’m going to apply the RCMA no color translucent powder. It does not give me a white cast and it goes on very sheer, very easy to apply which is why it’s my favorite and it’s not too drying. Then for my powder, I’m gonna go in with the Mac Mineralized Skin Finish and a gigantic brush. I love this brush so much for powder It’s like the size of my head, so it’s very quick application. Then for eyes I’m gonna start off with Makeup Geek’s “Chickadee” which, if you’ve been around for a while, you know girrrlll this is my favorite it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am going to be using an M441 long-haired blending brush by Morphe I’m speeding this up so that you can see how much I actually blend this initial color into my crease transition area I’m gonna start right in the crease, and then as you can see I blend up towards the brow at the end It’s important to really blend out that initial shade otherwise everything else will look messy so take your time on that first shade. I’m going to grab an E47 by Morphe which is that brush I used to carve that out with the same RCMA Translucent Powder I’m gonna create the shape that I want my shadow to be. That way, if I have fall-out I can wipe it away and this is gonna give it that desired effect. It’s kind of the exact same thing as using tape that I’ve kind of discovered, except you can do it over the top of your foundation and it won’t ruin it When you brush it away everything will disappear and you’ll have beautiful, clean, shadow So I’m using Makeup Geek “Morocco” on that exact same brush which is a more orangey, terra-cotta I’m gonna put that in the outer corner all the way to the inner corner and blend upward Now I’m gonna go in with my favorite-God this color just gives me so many warm feels on the inside it’s so beautiful- and I’m going to be using the M433 blending brush from Morphe to apply this and this is from Melt Cosmetics and it’s from the “Dark Matter Stack” I believe its called and it’s in the shade “Enigma”. Don’t worry, I’ll put it down below. I know that was a mouthful. I’ll put it down below for you guys. I am putting this generously on the inner corner and the outer corner I’m not worried about the lid because I’m gonna cover that up with a frostier shade but I’m gonna put the exact same amount on the inner corner as I am on the outer and then as you can see right here I’m kind of slightly blending it outward to kind of give a more cat-eye like “woosh” effect I wish you could see the movement I’m doing with my hand ’cause I’m going “woosh” back towards my temple I want that air-blown “woosh” effect then, I’m going to pick up a little bit more of that “Morocco” just to warm it up and give it a little bit more of an orangey vibe because I didn’t want to be like too purpley-ish red I really wanted it to be kind of a brick red and I have discovered this brush recently, well I mean I haven’t discovered it but I’ve started using it a lot and I love it and it’s the M441 by Morphe and its amazing for like tight precision and it applies a generous amount so you can really get in there, I’ve been loving it. I’m gonna apply more of that translucent powder right underneath my eye with a damp Beauty Blender again ’cause I’m gonna go in with Anastasia “Henna” and this is a really, really, pigmented, frosty orange-y shade and it does have fallout so I wanted to put that underneath my eye in case it gets really messy I will not have orange eyeshadow all over my face I did wet my brush with Fix Plus that way it would apply a lot smoother because a lot of times these foiled, frosty shadows do not apply nicely, just being honest, without Fix Plus so that’s why I sprayed my brush first I’m going back in with that exact same orange-y red color and just making sure i don’t have any harsh lines on the outer side of my eye making sure that it’s all totally blended and then I’m going to grab a brush and just (blowing noise) blow this all away and you can see how my eye shadow looks nice and clean, no fallout whatsoever and I have that desired shape that I was going for I’m going to take that exact same “Morocco” shade – I’m only using like 3 or 4 shades for this entire look and I’m just putting it all over my entire eye, as you can see it’s very easy With a pencil brush, I’m going to connect it to the outer corner of my eye and bring it ALL the way in to the inner corner I’m not going to stop before the inner tear duct, I’m going to bring this color ALL the way in to inner tear duct of my eye I’m going to go back in with Melt Cosmetics “Enigma” And with a more defined brush, I’m going to put this really really tight on the lower lash line to really make it red Bring this down, like, as low as you want The more you buff it out, honestly on this look, the prettier it’ll look Like, I just love a huge blown out smokey eye I almost wish that I brought it down lower, like you could bring this down to your cheekbone if you wanted! I’m chewing a Milk Dud right now, just so you guys know, I was craving chocolate You know how it goes. I’m going to use a little bit of some black gel liner. With a tiny little brush, I’m going to apply this on my inner waterline I’ve just been using gel liner recently instead of a kohl liner because I think it’s kind of easier to be quite honest And then I’m going to be going in with the Anastasia Brow Definer and ever since I dyed my hair dark, I have been using the shade “Chocolate”. Cho-co-late, ah! I wish I pronounced it like that! It’s so much fancier Instead of- what shade did I even use before? I don’t even remember- “CARAMEL”! I have been using “Chocolate” because it matches my hair. I am going to be applying Velour Lashes in “Fluff” and “Wispy” And then I’m going to be going in with some bronzer, I’m using the Makeup Forever Waterproof bronzer which is one of my favorites, it applies so beautifully. Its got like a little bit of a kind of satin, dewy effect but it doesn’t you shimmer or glitter to the face It just looks so natural, like if you’re going to be outside or at the beach or at the pool or just in direct sunlight, it’s such a beautiful bronzer because it’s not powdery AT ALL, it applies like a dream and just looks extremely natural. Then I’m going to use some clear brow gel, I’m just going to set my brow hairs because you know how that situation goes. If I forget to do this, IT”S A HOT MESS, all day long I’m taming my brows constantly, I’m like “Down girls, down girls!” because they go cray cray. without the taming Then for the glitter on the lower lash line, I’m going to use “Midnight Cowboy”, which is the shade and it’s by Urban Decay. So it’s the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter and it’s in the shade “Midnight Cowboy”. I’m literally going to just draw like a “V’ As you can see, I’m just kind of going for it. I’m kind just going in the middle of my iris and just kind of bringing it down in a “V’ going back and forth, up and down I’m just going to keep piling it on, wait ten seconds for it to dry, and add some more. It’s a really different technique, a different way to wear glitter but I think it’s SO COOL for a girl’s night out or whatever; I’d wear this on a Tuesday let’s get real I’m going to be highlighting my face and I’m using the Makeup Forever Pro Light Fusion in the shade “02” and I’m going to pop this on the tops of my cheekbones; I just felt like it wasn’t enough I wanted to go a little crazy, so I picked up my “Champagne Pop”, what’s new? plopped it right on top just to give it a little more of a pop HAHA, get it? Champagne Pop? No? That’s actually why I named it “Champagne Pop”, because I thought of it as a champagne color that’s a pop of highlight on your cheek For my lips, I’m going to be using the Anastasia liquid lip in the shade “Naked” a really beautiful pale peachy nude. And then I’m going to go over top of that with Nars lip gloss in the shade “Chelsea’s Girls” SUCH a gorgeous color it’s like a nice, again, pale pinky peachy nude haha. And after you do that, the look is complete! So, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Thank you so much for watching! I love you and I’ll see you guys soon! Bye! (music playing) I saw at one point, like, glitter vaginas or something were like becoming a trend And at first I was like “What the?!’ And then I was like “Hmmm…”


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