Hello my fellow youtubers Here we are again for another episode of “ItsAllAboutOptometry” in where we talk about everything related to the eye For today’s topic, my fellow youtubers is the difference between “Corneal Opacity & Cataract” In this episode, my fellow youtubers We are going to compare the two, so that it would be easier for us to differentiate just by looking at the person who has either of these conditions In order for us to compare easily, my fellow youtubers we are going to apply the thing called “Refractive Media” “Doc, what exactly is refractive media?” when we say “Refractive Media”, my fellow youtubers these are the parts of the eye where the light rays make their way onto the retina to be specific the “macula” to be more specific the “fovea centralis” this is where the image is shown in order for us to see it means that any blockage in any of those parts that is in the refractive media will for sure have some kind of effect in our vision our vision will either deteriorate or will be gone there are four parts of Refractive Media: so what are these? the first part of refractive media is called the cornea the next part is the aqueous humor after that is the lens or crystalline lens and lastly the vitreous humor some articles, my fellow youtubers considers that refractive media only has two parts which are the cornea and crystalline lens you’ll notice, my fellow youtubers among the four refractive media only the cornea and crystalline lens have refractive power


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