Corneal Specialist, Ophthalmologist: Alan N. Carlson, MD

I’m Doctor Alan Carlson, I’m in my
fourth decade of doing eye surgery. And preserving and
restoring vision is really my passion and my commitment that I make to each patient. My favorite patient is the patient
I’m free to get that moment. I just really enjoy
interacting with patients, particularly in the surgical environment. One story that does stand out occurred
26 years ago when a young boy, six-year-old boy from Greece had a wire
go through, completely through his eye. The wire went through his eye and into his
retina, and he lost all of his vision and failed two operations in Greece. And the Lions Club, in Anderson,
South Carolina, pooled their resources and flew the boy over to the United States,
where I was able to operate on him. Perform a corneal transplant procedure
in addition to reconstructing the anterior segment of the eye,
repair the traction on the retina, and he ended up getting normal vision back. And there was a few years
ago I actually went and visited him as an adult, and
it’s just a great story. It was one of those high
points in a career, but I’ve had probably hundreds of those,
to be honest with you. The thing that makes Duke so different is that approach
things not in a binary matter. In other words, you might be
a Lasik candidate, yes no, but there are very often things
even better for you than Lasik. And so we try to really answer the
question what’s the best thing for you? In many cases,
it may be no surgery at all.

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