Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy : Ear Pulls : Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy

Hi! On behalf of, my name
is Jean Hurley from Siegels Day Spa in Cottonwood, Arizona and we are talking today about cranial-sacral
release therapy techniques. This one is called an ear-pull and you are simply going to pinch
between your thumb and forefinger, the earlobe down at the bottom of the ear. Then you want
to pull away from the skull the ear, so out and maybe up. Again, with no more pressure
than the weight of a dime with any fingers touching anywhere else, listening for feeing
that cranial-sacral fluid movement of its own. I recognize it as a J-hook pattern; it
kind of sucks you in and pulls forward and releases. It has a movement rate of about
6 to 8 times per minute. Again this will also work for Tinnitus, hearing problems, earaches,
wax build-up, migraines. It is also helpful in the Parkinson’s field and a great relaxation
technique. This hold can be held for 10 minutes or longer at the client’s comfort level.


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