Creating a Turtle Oasis for a Red Eared Slider!

Welcome to the updated turtle pond Also before we get started, speaking of turtles, Franklin pins are still available, I think about half of them of have sold so far I don’t know if I’m gonna order more so Check them out with the link in the description. I don’t know why I’m in here with Franklin I could have just as easily done this on the other side of this piece of metal (SS: YES U DID IT) But I think quite a few changes to his tub here that I think are pretty cool kind of interesting So I’d give you a little tour of them So if you didn’t know Franklin used to be in a baby pool That’s what he grew up in for the first 10 years or so of his life I did some free roaming with him in the room, which I regret it and stopped doing a number of months ago And then I got him 170 gallon tub It’s it’s pretty big but it was also pretty ugly and plain so Here are some of the things that I’ve added to it that we’ll go over and I’ll talk about where I got it and everything If you’re interested in doing something similar firstly stones They’re their stones second a brand new basking spot Because the zoo Med style basking spots are not strong enough to hold his fat body third some new lighting right above me right here and a nice LED strip and Fourth I painted the front and put all this bamboo. It looks cheesier than I expected but that’s okay. Um I’ll just embrace the cheese that that but uh, what else? Oh and a brand new filter I’ve got him upgraded to the cascade filter Which is created for about a hundred gallons compared to the 40 gallon he had before so hopefully Franklin’s been enjoying it He really does not seem to miss free roaming I let him walk on the room like twice a week, but I’m just like cleaning or whatever Now the first thing I’ll talk about is this basking spot Oh and the timer just went off. This basking spot is made from egg crate and is covered in fake turf I just cut it to shape how I needed it Zip tied it all together and used some suction cups and support with more plastic to keep it floating So this makes up about a quarter of the surface space in the enclosure He can swim beneath it from one side to the other and there’s a pretty nicely sized ramp that you can get on no problem It took him about a month to get used to it. Not a month a week to get used to it And then he’s been basking just fine ever since There’s a lot more space we can walk around on it and he can choose his temperature whether he wants to be Super hot. I wish I could be super hot (ss:heard hard 😉 ) right now right under the lamp or he can move away from it So the process of changing the water is kind of a pain I changed it about 10 minutes ago And it was the first time I changed it in a little while basically, I have to Feed a filter through the window Which dumps all the water out just like down to the concrete And I took all the rocks out to do it which is kind of a pain but the rocks look nice So I think it’s worth it And then once it’s all drained, I put a hose through the window back in and float it back up I don’t think I recorded that part, but you can just imagine a hose through a window Filling the tub and that’s how I did it. Then. I just add a bunch of reptisafe I didn’t fill it all the way I don’t ever do because I do not want to exceed the weight limit of a second-story home Now to filter all this water. I’m using the cascade filter It’s made for 100 gallons, which there’s probably like 120 gallons a lot in here or something and it works just fine I could always get another if I had to but I don’t think I need to it keeps it quite clean for a pretty good Number of weeks. I have all the products I’m using linked in a brand new kit called the Franklin kit or the turtle kit or something That you can check out if you want to see that and next up, I have this night- nice arguably debatably subjectively nice It was just like plain silver before and it was pretty ugly So I was like, what could I put on it Lots you gave suggestions? I Didn’t use any of your suggestion, but I did film the creation of this so initiate montage So basically I painted the entire thing black with acrylic paint once I did that I got Bamboo and cut it in half and taped it and put fake plants through it. That’s pretty much it It’s pretty simple and it looks kind of weird but it looks better than it did before so I don’t mind it I think it’s kind of cool just not exactly what I imagined. I though it’ll look a little more Fancy and now it just looks more like a DIY project which is what it is So others embrace it and then also that light right above me. It’s just it was like 12 bucks also from Home Depot It’s just like an LED strip it doesn’t let off any heat which is nice because I don’t need the room to be any hotter than it already is and it just adds some nice ambient lighting To the tank because it’s quite dark without it. And then the stones also from Home Depot Probably don’t want to give those on Amazon because they are heavy I got mm I think a hundred twenty pounds of stones in here and it was like four bags. It was like 40 bucks So yeah, that looked pretty nice. This was this was not very cheap So Franklin pretty much continuously moving around in here and I mean he has the space to he will definitely bask for a number of hours but at night and like right before he Goes to sleep. He’ll do a nice number of laps and he splashes He he makes very big splashes [idk] -Woo that was pretty lame splash actually Is this awkward bonding time or what? Okay, I am impressed by the dock If I sat on it, I don’t think it would hold but I can definitely hold Franklin’s weight I was scared it would collapse you can see it sunk down here because it sunk while I was cleaning it I just need to pull that suction cup back up and it’ll be flat again. Franklin is caressing my leg Well, I kind of wanted this to be a bit of an update video to show you what’s going on with Franklin’s enclosure I have a new activity to do on my weekends? I don’t I don’t? Personally plan on doing this again, but mmm tune in next week to see what it’s like to have Salmonella I guess surprisingly hasn’t bit me yet. Would it b-Should I feed him with me in here? This is just weird Well, there we go as Franklin disappears under the cave That’s the update video Let me if you want to see more Franklin or what other animals you want to see Remember Franklin pins now available or they have been available for a while, but still available if you want to grab one So people that say that sliders are cheap and easy I mean, you don’t have to like get a bunch of extra lighting and put bamboo around it but still this costed me more money than I was hoping overall with the Basking and the tub itself for the proper size and everything so it’s fun but demanding so I’ll enjoy my swim and That’ll be it for this update video on The little turtle tub.Ah! Speaking of turtles. The next bioactive enclosure is almost completely done being made. Yeah the video will take a while to edit but um, I think I’m stuttering from the cold. It’ll take a lot to edit I still don’t have the plants in there, but once the plants are in and once I finished shooting and editing That’ll be up might be the next video Probably not don’t count on it If you’re watching this like a year or after it was uploaded than it is up Hopefully unless something went wrong like I died in this cold water, but that’s Franklin. Where did he go But somewheres over there’s Franklin, I’m Alex and thanks for watching Uh it’s cold, why am I doing this Ice bath never hurt

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