Crowley is back

I thought you were the smart one Working with my mother Are you insane? You actually trust her? Of course not Not even a litte Then why? What does she got over you? Will you just die, already? That’s what I get What? I said! That’s what I get for trying to being the good guy Wait a second So you’re the good guy? Do you have any idea what I’ve been at the past year? The changes I’ve made to hell Am I supposed to be impressed by that? YES!! I thought If I did better I might actually feel something again That it might matter It doesn’t matter Maybe everybody else forgot about all the bad you’ve done But I haven’t I’ve watched you kill people, Crowley Innocent people People I cared about People I loved So yeah, you’ve the accent And the suit And the snark But at the end of it You are a monster Just like all the rest of them And I’m going to watch you die Screaming Just like all the rest of them You’re right I am A monster And I’ve done bad I’ve done things You Can’t even imagine Horrible Evil Messy, things And I’ve loved Every Damn Minute So thank you, Sam For reminding me Who I really am Powerful magic Might have worked on any other demon But me? Please….


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