Curing Chronic Ear Infections

Why should you read this book? I’ll tell
you in a moment. The question patients ask me most frequently
is why that they have fluid in their ears and why it clear after the first treatment,
or two, the way it did with all the other kids. And the answer to that is that, unlike
recurring ear infections, these people have recurrent allergies; and just like their nose
gets stuffy and runny, so do their ears except they can’t run out. So the fluid just stays
in. Treating chronic middle ear fluid is the same
as treating chronic sinusitis (or chronic runny noses.) It’s caused by allergies;
the fluid gets locked up in the sinus or in the middle ear.
Aside from putting tubes in the ears and draining the fluid the underlying problem is that the
middle ear is reacting to whatever you’re allergic to and, that, you can only treat
and cure with allergy immunotherapy. If you think about it, you can think about
your nose running but, with fluid in your ears, your ears are trying to run but it (the
fluid) can’t get out. The reason to read this book is to understand
what causes your middle ear disease, sinusitis or asthma; how we can test for it and, more
importantly, how we can cure it. I’m Dr. David Hurst and I hope this information
has been helpful. The answers to your questions are available in this book which was designed
for you and is available on

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