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Your total is 22.76 Hey buddy can you speed it up a bit? O-Ok sir, I will double bag this. what genius put the retard in express line? You are at the grocery store
when you notice one of their employees. Peter has down syndrome he’s getting the
job done but not quite fast enough for this impatient customer, if you see a
grocery bagger getting mocked and ridiculed simply because he has down
syndrome. What would you do? They shouldn’t hire these people they
waste everyone’s time. We’ve taken over the checkout line Welcome to Kilroys. At Kilroys wonder
market in Glen Rock New Jersey the first shopper is in line, how will she respond to our actors
obscene remarks? This might take awhile we are in the retarded line. Oh no I don’t thinks so. Look how slow he is going Leave him alone thats not nice. *Your total is 22.76* I would make you pay double that. Maybe you should mind your
own business. That is my business anytime I see anybody being discriminated
against your mistreating this young man and you aught to cut it out we shouldn’t hire type of people here, get out of here take his money and go as he takes his walk of shame she has some parting
words you’re not back in here I’m telling you I’m really sorry ma’am I
work faster for you no no no you don’t have to work faster thank you
take whatever time you need thank you very much ma’am, what’s your name? Peter I was thinking in the back of my head I
said oh this is gonna be a John Quiñones moment What is it in you that makes you react
that way? Because I’ve seen people victimized and picked on there are
always people who are going to bully other people and I just don’t like it so I have to speak out against it. We’re
rolling again. I’m doing my best here okay Well you need to a little bit better
than that. And immediately two customers rally
around Peter. Don’t speak to him like that, there’s no reason for that At least he’s trying something give him
a chance I did give him a chance he’s taking too
long. Well you know what get out of here if you go to any store there’s going to be behind, you dont like it then nobody pointed a gun to your head and told you to come here He’s trying to make a living is trying
to get out and do something So, he is alittle slow, you help the guy Even though Peter is getting the job done, it’s just not a good enough for our
bully. I’m going as fast as I can. You wanting this, you wanting this? how can I help out? That’s when these two
customers patiently offer a helping hand yelling at him, aint gonna solve the problem heavy stuff in the bottom there you go you’re good, go ahead, keep going there you go that’s the way it should do it I’m doing him a favor now he gets
trained correctly, oh calm down here you go, sir she politely hands him the bags and then
calmly returns to the back of the line but what if instead of a sir our
callous customer is a man excuse me, do you mind if I cut in front of you good well other shoppers respond when we
send in Michelle your paper or plastic I didn’t know we were in this slow lane honey i hope you are not in a rush
because this is the retarded lane that isn’t the word that we use anymore in school. Right away
this substitute teacher imparts a lesson in compassion. I work as a teacher and I try to be
sensitive to someone’s needs sometimes we all need to do that you
know what though I think they should train him in the back first with the dented cans and then he
would know what he’s doing I think we should have to do well he shouldn’t be working here I mean
he’s clearly retarded are you done so i can i can move on I’m just looking out for all the
customers who should work a little faster with michelle gone she asks Peter
to pay her no mind you know just let you can let that blow
away because some people have exceptionally bad manners and you just met one of them come here, thank you very much are we on TV? you’re on what would you do,
the TV show. what would I do? ya what did you have to say to her? I said to her that the word she’s
using are not proper it was very touching when you went to
him and hugged him. What were you trying to say to him? I was trying to say to him that everybody isn’t like that and i think he
deserved a hug. Throughout the day customers embrace our bagger while fighting
the urge to strangle Michelle. Why do you guys hire these people ? oh my god lady are you serious ? I think you’re being rude and obnoxious I was trying to help you You’re not helping me. You’re aggravating the hell out of me, so get out of my face. I’m really sorry, sir. you’re not- don’t be sorry. Don’t apologize to me. she was a jackass, you know what a jackass is? how about a *censored*? How about that? unbelievable this customer is on her way out but she
comes back to ring up Michelle you should not speak to people like that, that’s unacceptable; to anyone. yea but he took– it doesn’t matter! if you don’t like it, do it yourself! but nothing could prepare us for
Caroline Bruno I’m sorry this is my first day this is
ridiculous you sir should be in the back. I’m very
offended by him working up here. and I’m very offended by you! she’s not even in line but can no longer
stay quiet. I’m very offended for you to call that boy out like that here in front of
everybody do you see how long he’s taking? It’s
absolutely fine with me and with most people in the store well he shouldn’t be working out– no, you– i wish you weren’t here I’m fine with that boy being here. Does
anyone agree with her that this boy shouldn’t be working here? anybody agree with her? No. Nobody agrees with you.
ma’am? how are you? oh this is like *censored*. This is John Quiñones. It’s
what would you do. you yelled from across the aisle. Yeah I tend to assert myself. What was going through your mind? You know they were
Kilroys. They employ people with some challenges and just thinking it’s such a
wonderful thing that that’s a part of you know your experience when you come
here and the idea that there was somebody here who’s treating one of these
young people here like that which is unacceptable to me. Our actor Peter
brodzinski says people with Down syndrome are working hard to lead
productive lives on their own it’s an important reminder for all of us. I’m a role model to other people with down syndrome down there they could live on their own, they could learn about math reading. So if they only get to know you
you’ll win them over just like you won all of us thank you my man. Yes I did. I’m the king of rock’n’roll. thank you for watching i hope you enjoyed!

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