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This is the daily 2. Hi and welcome to
the daily 2. I’m Shannon Walsh Today we’re talking about hearing issues and joining us is
Katherine Honeycutt with the Ear Nose and Throat Institute Dr. Honeycutt tell us why
someone should come to the ENT Institute when they think they may have a problem
with their hearing. Well at the ENT Institute you get two
providers for the price of one copay. Whenever there’s someone who comes into
the audiologist office with an underlying hearing loss sometimes there could be medical
intervention or surgery that could help improve that person’s hearing so we have an ENT on staff who works
together with us as a team to help provide that patient their
individual plan for their best hearing possible. So if it’s not a medical problem and
they do need some sort of device what sort of technology does the ENT Institute use. we get to use the latest and greatest
technology that’s available on the market. The most exciting part that we have
right now is a hearing aid that’s compatible with an iPhone that you can make very discreet
adjustments to you’re hearing aids in background noise in restaurant settings
and no one would even know that you’re wearing hearing aid. That’s fantastic. What’s been the
reaction from patients when they come in they get to see both and
they find out what’s really going on? The responses have been overwhelmingly
positive. Patients are just thrilled that they can
come and see to providers and only pay one copay. They get all of their hearing
needs met with in to two very professional providers in the
one office: and they get to use the latest and
greatest technology for a very affordable price and there’s lots of places to get
hearing aids why should someone choose the ENT Institute? well at ENT Institute they hire
only audiologist who have master’s or doctoral level degrees it’s a step above just a hearing aid
dispenser who’s taught how to sell hearing aids. We care the most about the entire
hearing experience for the individual and we don’t try to oversell people.
Dr. Honeycutt thank you so much. Thank you for having Me. If you would like
to learn more you can go online to ENT Institute.com. I’m Shannon Walsh with
the daily 2. For more Daily 2 go to wsbtv.com/daily2

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