Daniel Wins TRUST from RZ Twin to Defeat GAME MASTER! (E2 Event Date Reveal Clues Found at Meeting)

– Hey ZamFam, It’s Rebecca, and right now, Matt is
on a walk with our dog and last night, he was
acting very strange. – [Daniel] What exactly, happened? – I don’t exactly know. I was sleeping, but Matt
got up at 3:00 a.m., and then I found him staring
at the computer screen with the device that we
found from RZ Twin, remember? – [Daniel] Whoa, that’s really, wait, Matt.
– Yeah, the one we found at Kurt’s, oh, oh. – Hey!
– [Daniel] Hey Matt! – Hey Matt! Hi Gus! Come on in. – [Daniel] He seems okay to me. – Yeah, yeah. – [Daniel] Hey!
– Oh, Daniel’s here. – [Daniel] Hey yeah! – I like the new merch, looking good! – [Daniel] Nice, looking good! – Yep, droppin’ this weekend. – It’ll be on the rebeccazamolo.com
website, so stay tuned, he finally got some Slaze merch. I’ll be wearing it soon. – What are you guys doin’? – Well actually, I was just
giving a shout-out to the ZamFam that are wearing the merch and
have tagged me on Instagram, so right here, shout-out to you guys! And you guys remember in my last video, that we escaped the Quadrant’s Top Secret Headquarters
with the Game Master, after spending 24 hours there. But when we did a face reveal, we realized that it was
actually our cameraman, Daniel. – [Daniel] It was the
only way to keep him safe. – Also, you guys saw that
we found this mystery device over at Kurt Hugo Schneider’s house. We think that the RZ Twin planted it behind his recording studio. – We, definitely, need to
figure out what this device is gonna be used for, because we don’t. – [Daniel] Do you hear that? – [Daniel] What’s this? – Whoa, It’s like coming from the laptop. – [Daniel] Matt. – Matt! – [Daniel] What’s he doing? What’s he doing? – This is what I was talking about. Matt. – [Daniel] Matt, you okay? Matt, Matt, what are you doing? – Matt, we’re filming the YouTube video. – [Daniel] He’s not responding at all. What’s happening? – I don’t know. Matt. It was when we heard the
note from the laptop! – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right! – It’s on this device, something came up, and that’s exactly what happened to Matt at 3:00 a.m. last night! – [Daniel] That’s so weird! Wait, Rebecca, the hacking
encryption device is missing. Remember, we plugged it in? It keeps us protected. – Wait, the black one, so we’re not protected right now. It’s directly in the laptop. – [Daniel] Is that what
happened to Matt, last night? – It might’ve been, I didn’t notice. ZamFam, did you guys notice any of that? I wasn’t even paying attention. We need to take this out then. – [Daniel] Just unplug it, just unplug it. – Okay, It’s out. – [Daniel] Okay, it’s
unplugged, it’s unplugged. Matt, we were filming a video
and then you just took off. – Yeah. – I was just, I guess, making something. – [Daniel] Are you sure
you’re feeling alright, Matt? – I honestly, I feel great. – Do you remember anything
that you just did? – Yeah, we we’re hanging out. – Who’s calling you? – [Daniel] It’s the RV Twin. – What! – What! – Daniel!
– Daniel! – Okay, well, I told you guys this, remember when we were in the control room when I let her go here, I whispered in her ear that I
wanted to join the Quadrant. I guess she’s taking me up
on the offer, right now. – Wait, Matt, do you remember the shed? The ZamFam told us that the RZ Twin said, “Are you ready to join?” And she was on the phone with Daniel. That means that she’s asked
you to join the Quadrant. – Right, yeah, she did do that. – [Matt] You really said yes? – Well, yeah, I wanted to get
inside enemy lines, basically. – Okay, hold on. I need to talk to Matt, really quickly. Can you just say, I’ll
call you back in five? – Yeah, I’ll just shoot
her a text, I guess. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, but hold on though, we’ll be right back. – [Matt] Maybe, wait till
you’re in a safe place. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on!
– Okay that sounds good, yeah. – [Matt] Okay, okay. – Matt, Matt, Matt, come here! Matt, this is our perfect opportunity to get information from RZ Twin. If she trusts Daniel and wants
him to join the Quadrant, we can have him pretend
to join the Quadrant, and to join her. – [Matt] Can we really
trust Daniel, though? In the woods, he was on his phone while we were chasing the RZ Twin. – You’re right! And before we went into the Quadrants Top Secret Headquarters, when
I was talking to you guys, in the back, he was on his watch, which is actually, a phone, and he was probably text
messaging or something, right? – [Matt] Who was he texting? – Okay, I have no idea. If he does this, that means
that we can trust him, fully, and that he is working
with the Game Master, and not against the Game Master. – [Matt] I think it’s
a relatively low risk because we’re not having
to go and do anything. It’s all Daniel. – Yeah, we can be spying in the background while he does all of this, and have surveillance footage, so we can see exactly what’s going on. – [Matt] Honestly though, I don’t know that this is a good idea. – I don’t know either, but this is the only way I can think of, to figure out what that
device is used for, so we can stop E2. ZamFam smash the thumbs up
button if you think this plan is a good one and that we
need to go through with it. – [Matt] We just need
to convince Daniel now. – You’re right, okay. I hope he does it you guys. Comment, I think Daniel
will, if you think he will. Let’s go. Okay, I hope this works. Hey Daniel! – Hey. – Hey. – So, I let her know
that I can just contact her when I need a safer place. So I bought us a little bit of time. – That works out great because we, actually, have a proposition for you. – Okay. – Matt and I just talked
about it and we want you to pretend to join the Quadrant. – No, no, no, I don’t think
that’s safe right now, guys. – [Matt] Daniel, you need
to earn our trust back. Plus, you need to earn
the ZamFam’s trust back. – That’s true. – Yeah, it’s the only
way for us to figure out what that device is used for, and Matt. – You’re right, you’re right. Okay, I’ll go along with it. I’ll go along with it. I’ll contact her right now? – Yeah, exactly. – Okay, I’ll put it on speaker, guys, so you can hear it, okay. – [Matt] I think that’s a great idea. – ZamFam, smash the thumbs up button if you think RZ twin is gonna pick up, and gonna accept Daniel
to join the Quadrant. – Here we go. She’s taking the call. – [RZ Twin] Daniel, thanks
for calling me back. Are you ready to join? – Hi, yeah, yes, I’m ready to join. – [RZ Twin] Great, we need to meet ASAP. I’ll send you some coordinates. – Okay, coordinates, sounds good, okay. – Okay. – [Matt] That was so fast! – That was like, that took no work. She just wants me to join, right away? – So, she said she’s sending coordinates. When’s she gonna send them? – I don’t know. Oh, she sent them right now. [Matt] What! – That means, Matt, we need to get spy equipment
and we need to get ready. – We gotta get ready
for this meeting, right? – Yeah. – [Matt] Yep. – This is crazy. So you’re gonna meet up with RZ Twin and we’re gonna be hiding. We’re gonna hear everything
that she has to say. – [Matt] Like another secret meeting! – You guys are gonna make
sure I’m safe, right? – Yeah, we’re gonna get all of our spy ninja gadgets, right Matt? And we’re gonna have a listening device, just like other secret meetings that we’ve had each other attend. But this time, it’s you, Daniel. – Okay, alright, I can
do this, I can do this. – Let’s get packed. We don’t have a lot of time. – Sounds good. – Okay, so we have spy gadgets for you, Daniel, so we can keep you safe, but we also have certain questions that we need you to ask the RZ Twin, in the meeting, so we
can figure things out. – Exactly. – We have a ton of different things. – Two cameras right here. These are spy cameras. They’re gonna be concealed underneath you. Probably, this one, I think
is gonna work the best. Just in case though, we’re
gonna bring the GoPro. – That way we can document
everything with RZ Twin, like all of her facial
expressions and movements. – That’s right. Additionally, we need to communicate, so right here,
– Yeah! – [Daniel] Okay.
– we have some of these. You’re gonna hold on to this one. – [Daniel] Great. – We’ll hold on to the other one. – Yeah, we used these at
the Quadrants top secret headquarters and it worked great when the three of us had to split up. – [Daniel] Yeah, except during lockdown. We couldn’t talk to each other. – Well, in case that happens again, we have this right here. It’s a spy listening device, so we can keep an eye
on you from a distance, – Yeah!
– [Daniel] Okay, good. – and you can hear the whole conversation. – So, when you go into this meeting, there’s some specific questions
we need you to ask RZ Twin. – [Daniel] Okay. – The most important is the E2 date. What is the actual date of E2, right? – Yep. – We also need to figure out
what the device is used for, the one that we found at
Kurt Hugo Schneider’s house. – Yeah, you know what, I
forgot a jacket, I’m gonna, – [Daniel] Okay. – We still need to figure
out what happened to Matt. – [Daniel] Yeah, you’re right. – So ask what the device
does to different YouTubers. – [Daniel] Okay. – And we also need to
figure out who is next. Is there another YouTuber
that they’re targeting? – [Daniel] Oh, the next target, right. – Right? – You’re right, yeah, okay. Exactly, so ZamFam, also comment below any questions you think
Daniel should ask RZ Twin. Are you guys ready? – [Daniel] I’m as ready
as I can be, I guess. – Alright. – Hang in there buds. We got you, okay? – Okay.
– okay, let’s go. – Alright, let’s go you guys. ZamFam, so we’re heading
to the location right now, where Daniel is going to meet RZ Twin. Daniel, are you ready? – Yeah, it’s right up there a little bit. I don’t know, I’m pretty nervous, guys. You think I’m gonna be safe? – I hope so. – [Daniel] That’s it, that’s
the meeting spot right there. – Okay, Matt, we’re gonna have to stay in the car while Daniel goes inside. – You got this man. – I’m glad we got here a little early, so you can get prepped. – Okay. – So Daniel, do you have your earpiece? – I have the com device so I’ll be able to hear what
you guys are saying to me and then I also have my spy camera, which I’ll tuck away in here. – [Matt] Okay. – But I’ll be able to film
the whole meeting, you guys. – Yeah, and Matt and I will be in here, so if anything goes wrong, we’ll be right here to come save you. – [Matt] Yep, three on one. – I gotta earn your trust again, and the ZamFam trust. – [Matt] Yeah, more
importantly, the ZamFam. One, Two, Three, Jam. – Daniel, I’d say go, maybe
to the left a little bit. – [Matt] Yeah, where abouts
is the meeting place? We don’t even know. – Okay yeah, then go there. Matt, it’s gonna be harder to
see him, through the trees. – [Rebecca] Not yet. – [Matt] Not yet. – [Rebecca] Matt, matt, duck, duck! – [Matt] Oh, oh, there
she is, there she is! – [Rebecca] Get down, get down, get down! Daniel, – What’s happening? – She’s on her way? – Yeah, she’s on her way so just be ready. – [Daniel] Okay. – We’re hiding right
now, so she can’t see us. Okay. – [Matt] Let me see, let me see. – [Matt] Okay, you know
what, Daniel, It’s up to you. What do you feel like is gonna be? – [Rebecca] Maybe glasses. – It’s gonna be glasses. If I feel like I’m in trouble, I’m gonna say something’s on my glasses. – [Rebecca] And then we’ll
come out and help you. – [Matt] I’ll honk the horn, right away. – [Daniel] She’s right in front of me. – [Daniel] Yeah, I think I remember. – [Daniel] Oh, alright. – [Daniel] Oh no! – Good job, Daniel, way to play it off. – Nice play.
– That’s good. – [Daniel] Oh right, E2. – Wait, Daniel, ask about the E2 date now. This is your perfect chance. – Yes. – April 30th? – Wait, I thought the Game
Master said mid-April? – Oh, April 30th, that’s for sure now? – Operation Listen, Matt. – Who’s the other YouTuber? – That means that those devices have something to do with E2, ZamFam. – [Daniel] So, you said another YouTuber. Who’s the other YouTuber? Who’s the other target? – The people who had
clones at the Dollhouse we’re Ro Pansino, Carter
Sharer, Lizzy Sharer, and they’ve already gotten to Kurt, so it’s only one of the
three of them, you guys. Let us know which of the three
you think it’s going to be. – [Daniel] No, I mean. – You can’t do it. You can’t do it, Daniel, no, no. – No, no, no, Daniel, yes, yes. Do it Matt. – No, no. – That’s the only way we’re
going to be able to stop E2. We have to get more information. – Yeah, yeah, okay, okay,
I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Fine, I’ll do it. What’s going on? – Daniel, Daniel, ask her
what the device is for? – What? – What? – What was that Daniel? – [Daniel] She’s gone, she took off. – ZamFam, if you heard what she said when she was leaving, comment below. – Daniel, come back to the car. Come back to the car, come on, come on. – [Rebecca] Get in! – Okay. – Okay, ZamFam, so I am
purposely going to get trapped by Daniel and taken to the RZ Twin. – [Matt] I don’t like this Beck. – Are we really gonna
follow through with this? – I think we have to, ZamFam. Let me know if you think
this is a good idea, but I don’t think we
have any other choice. I’m gonna get trapped by RZ Twin.


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