Dark Souls 3 – Leonhard’s Questline (FULL NPC QUEST WALKTHROUGH w/ COMMENTARY)

.. Welcome! To start Leonhard’s questline, you need to go to Firelink Shrine and talk to him there. He’ll be leaning against Lothric’s Throne. Once you have, he will give you 3 Cracked Red Eye Orbs. Now, the next steps in his questline, require you to have a Pale Tongue. You can .. use the Cracked Eye Orbs that he gave you, to invade someone and kill them. But, if you’re playing offline, and, you know, you dont; you don’t really feel like struggling through the PVP thing.. .. you can come, through this way, and, grab the Pale Tongue off the corpse thats hanging ..over there I think you get a set, on the; Yeh you get a uhm.. starting class set on the right hand, corpse, but. This corpse right here has a Pale Tongue on it Just grab it, and bring it back to Leonhard. And, kill the Curse-Rotted Greatwood as well while your here, .. for that will.. trigger, uhm, .. the next dialogue. For him giving you the lift key. The next step in his quest is located in the High Wall of Lothric. Aight, so killing this dark, Dark Wraith will yield a Red Eye Orb. And I screwed up heaps but, I’ll find a way out of it… .. Basically, the Red Eye Orb, allows you to infinitely invade people without a limited, amount of, invasions, like the Cracked Red Eye. Annnd.. he can stay down there and um. .. The next step in his questline requires you to have discovered Rosarias covenant, and, offered a Pale Tongue to her. Aight, so it says on the Wiki that you have to offer 1 Pale Tongue to Rosaria, but you cannot rank up until the next event happens so.. Im not sure about that, with me, it didn’t really, matter, but. Just keep that in mind. Ask to join the covenant. Ye, by far this is my favourite covenant.. out of all of them.. just, invasion wise but, anyway. Offer a Pale Tongue, and after you’ve done that, Leonhard should be standing, by the entrance of this room. If he isn’t, just save and quit and he should be there. ahhh I didn’t get a chance to light the bonfire here but its advised that you do. And then just, exhaust his dialogue. Aight, next step in his questline requires you to have discovered The Profaned Capital. .. Now, you can just light The Profaned Capital Bonfire, and go and kill Yhorm, but uhm, ye It’d be good just to kill Yhorm. Safe. And then uhm. After this, you wanna go, back to Rosaria and She’ll be dead 😐 some fuck killed her. .. That slug has the.. the “Xantheous set” but, I mean the Xantheous head and.. .. what he uses that pick axe. but grab this Black Eye Orb, off, similar to the first game, You know’a mean .. little draw-backs 🙂 .. Head straight to Anor Londo and, kill Aldrich. I’ve already killed him here. But, once you’ve killed him, just save and quit the area, and then head into Gwynevere’s bed chamber. And you should get a prompt, letting you to invade another persons world, and thats the dickhead that stole the soul of Rosaria. (By far, Dark Souls I is the best looking, best playing, best fukin mechanical game.. in the series). When you feel the Black Eye Orb quivering, just ahh.. use the Black Eye Orb to invade the fuckhead and kill him. Ye. Aight. After you kill Leonhard, the fruits of you labour should yield, a Crescent Moon sickle, or Crescent Moon Blade and his hat. You can buy the rest of his gear off the Handmaid in Firelink Shrine, and with Rosaria’s Soul, you can choose one of two things.. You can either restore her and be able to respec and all that, throughout this NG. Or you can trade it with Ludleth to get the “Bountiful Sunlight” miracle. Alright guys, this concludes Leonhard’s questline. I wont be makin, videos.. for.. a while, because I’ll be going… away, and.. I know I just started my channel but, I really feel; I really enjoy making videos and I hope you guys enjoy it, just show; show us some feedback if not, .. I just do it as a hobby, you know.. FUCK ADD REVENUE! and ahh.. I don’t give a shit Hehe.. I fukin sweat for my money. Anyway, I’ll see you later guys. ..


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