Dark Souls 3 Where to find the Red Eye Orb ( Unlimited Invasions )

Hello guys, quick video showing you how you
can acquire the Red Eye Orb, which allows you to invade as a red spirit an unlimited
amount of times in Dark Souls 3. First off you’ll need to start Leonhard’s quest chain.
You can find him in the Firelink Shrine by the centre throne and upon talking to him
he’ll give you 5 cracked red eye orbs. The next part of his quest chain requires you
to possess a pale tongue which can be obtained from any successful invasion via the cracked
red eye orbs and there’s a few scattered around the world later on in the game. If you run
out of cracked red eye orbs before you get a tongue, you can try and farm them from the
Darkwraiths in Farron Keep and also outside the Abyss Watcher’s boss area. Once you’ve
acquired a Pale Tongue, go back to Leonhard in Firelink Shrine and talk to him again and
he’ll give you the lift chamber key. Use the bonfire to go to the Tower on the Wall at
the High Wall of Lothric and then make your way down the stairs down to the next level
and then down the ladder to the bottom level and then turn around and to the right there’s
the gate that you open with the key. Now just go down the lift and there’ll be a solitary
Darkwraith down here who you need to 1v1 and upon killing him you’ll receive the Red Eye
Orb. You can invade with it in exactly the same way as the Cracked Red Eye orbs. Simply
go to your inventory and use it and it’ll queue you up to invade and it’s generally
pretty damn quick if you’re in the sort of area you should be for your level. Anyway,
I hope you found the video useful, if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe.
As always guys thanks for watching and happy invading.

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