Darkness Around Mouth – Ways to remove Dark Area Around the Mouth – Beauty Tips in Tamil

Darkness Around Mouth
Ways to remove Dark Area Around the Mouth
Tamil Beauty Tips In today’s video we are going to see how to remove the darkness around mouth. I am going to tell you two steps to be followed. Let us see what are the essentials for the first step. Take a lemon, tomato. As citric acid and bleaching agent is present in Lemon it helps to remove the darkness and dark spots. We are using tomato because vitamin c and lycopene present in it helps to change the skin tone. Licorice powder is used as it is helpful to remove the skin darkness. It is available in all country medicine shops. Next essential is cucumber which contains caffeic acid an ascorbic acid. We are going to make a paste with this. Take a mixie jar. Grind tomato and cucumber into a fine paste. Strain the juice. Add 2 spoons of Licorice powder with this juice. Then add lemon juice. You can use this paste after keeping it in fridge. You can store it and use for 4-5 days. Wipe your face with a cotton dipped in warm water to open up the pores. Apply this paste on the darkened area around the mouth. After it is dry wet your hands with water, Remove the paste by rubbing it in circular motion. It removes the hyper-pigmentation and our skin looks refreshed. We are going to prepare a cream to remove the darkness around the mouth which is easy to prepare yer powerful. Take Aloe Vera Gel in a Bowl. Then chilled milk. Mix 1 tsp of Aloe Vera Gel and half a teaspoon of milk. Mix it well to make a cream. You can store this cream in the fridge and use it for 6 to 7 days. You can apply this paste in the darkened area before going to bed. Otherwise leave it for one hour and wash it off with cold water. This removes darkness and gives flow to your face. Do these two steps before going to bed.


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