DASUNG Not-eReaderレビュー 【電子インクタブレット】 E-ink Android Tablet & Monitor DASUNG Not-eReader review

review not-eReader is e-ink tablet that can play movies. It’s available at Indiegogo. The box is not cheap. Specs are shown on the back. Chinese style calender is shown when power is off. Volume and power button Constrast control and Ghost clear button Speaker TF card / miniHD / USB-C and microphone Specs are very ordinary except for e-ink I’m booting the device. It takes about 30secs to boot it. The home screen has only one icon. Settings. Language can be changed to Japanese. Apps. Google apps are not installed. User manual is written in English. Scrolling is very smooth for e-ink. Test of typing using BT keyboard. The dalay is unnoticeable The device can play movie though the displays uses e-ink. The quality of sound is the same as ordinary mobiles. You can see ghosts (image lag). The movie is played though it’s not very smooth. The subtitles is not clear, but it is my fault. It may be good enough for educational use. Clone display mode. Not-eReader is flicker free. The resolution is lowered to that of the laptop. Reflesh rate is 45 Hz. Now I choose “Extending these screens” I clear the ghosts. I’m moving a window to the subscreen. I’m controlling the window by touching the subscreen. The subscreen can also be used in portrait mode I can choose the color of front light from White, Warm or Off and control the brightness. Wireless connection to mobile phones creates an E-ink alternative to LCD screens. I start phone mirror app I start customized ver. of Apower mirror on the mobile. I set the resolution of the mobile. I tap “M” button on the mobile. I tap again. Now Not-eReader mirros the screen of the mobile. The delay depends on the distance from the router. You can even control your mobile phone by touching on Not-eReader. But there is longer delay. Not-eReader is quite niche device. If you suffer from eye-strain, it’s recommendable.


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