David Zopf, M.D. | Pediatric Otolaryngologist, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

– The reason why I was inspired to become a otolaryngologist really
was in medical school and I had an early exposure
to cochlear implants and otolaryngology is the
specialty of the senses and of communication, so
helping restore speech and helping restore hearing. And particularly, for children,
that’s incredibly rewarding. Special things that I do to
help connect with families or patients, when I walk into a room I just try to, you know, have myself be part of the discussion and I just try to position myself to think how best can I
help this child and family. And I often times try to, you know, say if this were my child, how
would I think about things. In pediatric otolaryngology we take care of children with sometimes very challenging and unique problems. When you think about, kind of, the head and neck and face, that’s
where a lot of, kind of, the uniqueness is about
an individual or a child. And we’re able to, we
have a lot of experience in caring for children with complexity, congenital malformations
and ear malformations and facial malformations, and so we’re really able to, in a creative and innovative way provide, kind of, the
highest level of care for those children and those families.

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