Day 2 Day:Video 1- Bringing in the Trash…

Hi My name is Micky and I made this video
because I realized that um there’s allot of videos out there talking about Ménière’s
and other Vestibular Disorders but no one really shows the day to day struggles that
we go through. Now you’ll notice the trash can is about half way up the driveway I did
half of it and then I had to go back and rest a little while. um this is a video showing
what, how difficult it is just bringing trash into the house. um its not as good as a video
as I wanted it to be um really you cant see me being off balanced and struggling. um you
can a little bit but when I’m holding on to the trash can for a while its because I”m
trying to regain my balance. um or I”m trying to make sure by balance is ok before I go
to grab for the top of that trash can. um there is also a period in time to where ,uh
you don’t really notice it but Boy! did I! towards the end of the video where a bug flew
by and I saw the shadow on the floor in front of me. and it threw me off, I had to stop
and regain my balance. um like I said people just, you know, you can read on it, and you
think…you know…Man it would suck to be dizzy and stuff and, you know but some of
us have gone from having vertigo attacks…um…that will last anywhere from a couple minutes to
a couple days, weeks, sometimes months! But then once its over and you sleep for about
week to catch up….um…You feel normal again…well for the last 3 years I’ve gotten to the point
where I’m off balance all the time, I’ve had to…um…got my license taken away, I’ve
had to resort to using a walker and I have to use a shower chair because rinsing my hair
putting my head up at all makes it where I don’t have good balance. In the dark its horrible!
Pretty much anywhere where there’s stimulation , lights, sounds, movement, anything like
that. And to top it all off… the trying to focus and balance and concentrate on not
falling over and being incredibly careful and your brain having to compensate for what
your inner ears can no longer do. You get exhausted! doing these normal basic things.
I mean I’m bringing a trash can into the house, that is nothing for most people. It use to
be nothing for me. I just walk out there checking the mail is the same thing, of course not
as strenuous. But I have to use my walker when I walk my daughter out to the bus stop.
And there’s two parts in this video, I’m not sure if the first one has happened yet or
not? Where you can see that I stop and I hold on for dear life to that walker and I look
down. And there’s a car or a truck that drives by and then you can see that I get really
wobbly because, even know I look down, some times my side view, I can see it. Or maybe
I see the shadow of it going by. There’s also a window directly in front of me in this video,
not directly but, you know in front of me, in my house and some times I’ll accidentally
look up to soon and I’ll see the reflection on that window. See my heads down there…car
went by…so I mean…this is not something that is fun to live with and I’ve done my
research, I’ve read just about anything I can read on any kind of vestibluar disorder
inner ear disorder…and I’ve gotten allot of information and I’ve seen allot of videos
where people are sitting in front of their web cam and kind of talking about it and what
they do to help with their vertigo attacks and what they do to help with their ringing
in the ears and cutting down their salt intake and …you know, all of that stuff…but I
have yet to see anybody video tape, except there was one actually…there was one video
where this girl was having an attack her eyes were bouncing, its called nystagmus…and
they video taped her eyes jumping up and down and that’s what happens when you have your
vertigo attacks, at least with me it does, violently and whole entire room is spinning
and you are just sicker than a dog and just uuuhhh! if your not religious…then you become
religious then because your begging God to take it away! To make you feel better! But
um…anyways, so….I decided that I’m going start trying to do videos of normal Day 2
Day stuff…but normally wouldn’t seem like a big deal, like bringing the trash can in…and
I’m ganna try to video tape them….and start sharing them on YouTube to let people know
that, you know that its not just words and its not just eyes bouncing, you know ,but
when it progresses it gets to where it affects your every day life, everything you do is
that much harder to do! And I want to get the word out there…Oh! it almost fell over…that
scared me! lol “You have no idea how bad it is to get down and get back up when you have
no balance. And besides, you know besides the fact that I am a heavy set person…lol…
Now the walker that I use is strictly for balance…I am ok for strength, although I
will say…after I was done bringing the trash in and when I’m done doing allot of my Day
2 Day stuff, because your brain is having to compensate for what your ears can not do
anymore…and your eyes tend to freak out allot because their having to help compensate
for that as well…But I was pretty exhausted by the time I go the trash up to the house…it
is VERY strenuous and VERY very very very hard on us to have to, you know all the stimulation,
the lights the sounds…a bug flying by, a bird flying by, …just the leaves and the
branches on the trees blowing in the wind will affect us and make us feel like were
ganna fall over…Now that took forever but of course its also going to be because I am
very very very careful, I act like I’m, you know, 100 years old…I don’t walk fast or
anything like that, I’m very very careful, walk slow, very carefully, make sure I have
my balance and some other people are not so lucky, they fall all the time, I do fall….but…not
much because I’m very very cautious…Alright well just about to the end of the video so
I thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll try to get some more Day 2 Day stuff,
hopefully something that will actually show how difficult it is…it may not have looked
that difficult to you guys but inside I was Struggling! I mean, I had a hard time staying
upright, a hard time not falling over, or losing my balance…When that bug flew by,
the cars went by…it made me nausea…not to mention that its just exhausting! Thank
you again for watching and subscribe and I’ll try to get some more Day 2 Day videos for
you guys to see how it is living with a Vestibular Disorder…


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