Day 5 Official Trailer (2016) HD | Rooster Teeth

Voiceover: Something’s… wrong here. Nobody’s outside. The streets are dead. Jake: My God. Radio announcement: This is a national emergency. Woman 1: Sleep became lethal at a global scale in a matter of seconds. And nobody has a clue why. Woman 2: First it was sugar, and then caffeine and then cigarettes and now the hard drugs aren’t even working. Tell me you can’t feel it! Tell me it’s not getting worse. Woman 1: Look, the body cannot survive without sleep. Right now, you have an expiration date. Your body is going to shut down. Boy: Oh, no, no, no, stay awake Jake! Come on! Come on! Stay awake! STOP! Man: If you don’t get out of our way, I’m going to punch your teeth right through your skull. How’s that? (Man 2 laughing) Man 3: This apocalypse is not one of months and years, it is of days, minutes, seconds. (Masculine screaming and shattering glass) Man 1: Somewhere out there, there’s an answer for this. We just have to find it. Man 4: (shouting) Where is he? Man 3: We watched our friends die already, looking for a cure. And here we are again. I am sorry but we are done. Woman 3: (screaming) NO! (Glass shattering) (Feminine screaming) Jake: What am I supposed to do? Boy: Beats me. Just… don’t fall asleep.


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