Deadly Vision

Dude you should have seen it! It was freaky! you know Maya? Compton? Naw, tom’s girlfriend. She won the game for us. seriously we’re up by one, theres two out, they had the bases loaded And jimmy’s up. oh dude, game over. Hah, no kidding. and Maya’s in the right field. cuz you know she sucks, right? Definitely. she’s up against the wall, just standing there. WAY out of position. And Mr. Jacobs is yelling Maya! Move over, pay attention! But she just stays there. And she has pitching, and she doesn’t know whats going on. so he just pitches it. jimmy hits his laser, and total game winner! She catch it? Right in her mitt Game over, we win. dude, that’s insane. It’s like, what the heck? oh hey maya, uh n-nice catch.. thanks! 😀 damn. good work. (locker slams) Hey, you wanna go to the mall after school? oh hey.. uh.. Come on! there is these boots i gotta check out! you don’t have any money. I don’t care, i just want to try them on. I need you to take pictures for me. well…. i was going to walk home with tom. oh he can come to… and maybe bring one of his friends. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) which one? doesn’t matter. (groans) what’s… wrong? I think i’m getting a headache. it’s gone. weird. so you gonna come or not? look Maya, I don’t think we should go out anymore. what?>:( are you coming? We can still be friends n’ stuff. yes or no? um… let me think about it. (sighs) Ok, like how long do you need? Hey maya. Oh, hey tom. Can i talk to Maya? actually, tom.. listen, look.. there is something i have been meaning to say. k. I don’t think we out anymore… (ouch) wut? WTF?????? I wanna break up… this is weird, i was about to come break up with you.. yeah, right! I swear. look, she broke up with you first. You’ll feel better after a good cry. whatever, you sure? yeah. what the hell was that? I.. i just broke up with him. yeah i noticed! why? i just did.. thats all. oh well i guess that means he is available now. looks like you are too late for that. what. a pig! Who is that? I think her name is Danielle. I don’t really know her. me neither, i think she is in my socials class. I never really noticed her before. Hard to miss her now. yeah. (musicalness) (indistinct chatter) oh great, now they are gonna think were stalking them. well, whatever. I just want to get my hoodie like everybody else. 😀 I’m trying hard to hate her. It’s not really working.. wait. there’s something i gotta tell you. wat? you might think its weird. oh please! Well you might. Okay, you have been to my house. There is nothing you can tell me that will weird me out. promise? promise. Ok, i have these visions.. (snickers) When i see these things, they actually happen. Okay, that’s weird. You promised! I’m sorry but that’s totally wack! But it’s real, i got 100% my science test. And its my worst subject. I knew was going to be hit in baseball to win the game. I knew Tom was going to break up with me, so i did it first. you’re serious aren’t you? I swear to god. oh my god. I think it has something to do with these headaches i have been having. I always get them together. Maybe there’s like some nuclear infected future-seeing fly that got into your bloodstream! seriously, should i be worried? no way. this could come in handy. Is he gonna ask me out? No. Is he gonna ask me out? (Sighs) Nooooo. what about him? please say yes!!! I’m not your magic eight ball. Well whats the good in superpowers if you aren’t gonna use them to pick up guys? Wait. serious question. DO NOT lie to me. what? How big are my boobs gonna get? (scoffs) seriously? what? i worry about these things! (Groans) what is it? Did you see it? tell me the truth! Get out your phone. what? why? Just get it out. Put it there. OH LORD Not cool. We are gonna be Youtube sensations! see you at lunch gypsy girls. see ya. (groans) (coughing) Maya, maya! maya! (echoing) Maya! BLOOD-EH (screams) Oh my god! somebody help! somebody! mah god. there’s there is a dead body in there in the bathroom- slow down, okay? slow down, k? There’s a dead body in the bathroom, there’s blood, and you need to call 911! Hey, who’s got a phone? Oh i do. We will check, come on. To 911 dispatcher: yes, um hi. police, ambulance. (or a friggin’ crime scene cleaner) there’s a dead body, (Moccoley?) high. No, she- You freak! loser! There is nobody in there, nobody’s dead! what? Hello, yes, no i’m very sorry. This girl’s a lunatic. there’s no dead body. we’re sorry for wasting your time. what the hell is your problem? you cant call the police for no reason, what if there is a real problem going on? attention freak. (scoffs) lets go. Wassup with that? The girl is a freak. Loser. (hinges squeaking) what is up? Everyone thinks you are a freak! I had another vision. Well can you keep them private? you’re destroying our social status here! This is serious. I saw someone dead. who? I don’t know. I didn’t see her face. what was she wearing? A hoodie, like everybody else. well thats helpful.. wasn’t me was it? D: No. i heard her voice She was calling my name. Like she was calling for help. Well, who’s voice was it? I didn’t recognize it. And, she was like coughing. So what? do you think this is actually gonna happen- I saw it! so when? i don’t know. sometimes things happen right away, sometimes it’s not for a while. So what are you gonna do about it? What am i gonna do about it? what are we gonna do about it? were gonna stop it from happening. Ok.. how? I’ll know her voice when i hear it. All i need is the person to say my name. Well that should be easy, since everybody is talking about you right now. (eerie music) (muffled chatter) (eerie music) (muffled chatter) I didn’t hear it. well maybe it was like a false alarm. If you didn’t hear it by now, maybe it wont happen. Hey Maya, see any dead bodies lately? Just go to class and forget about him. Mind over matter. if you don’t think about it, it just wont happen. Maybe you’re right have visions for the mall after school, k? Text me. I got science, i need something to keep me awake. (teacher): Times up, hand em in. Maya.. (suspenseful music) Maya. Um, i need your test… (exhales) I’m sorry about Tom. I didn’t mean to come between you guys. Really, it’s nothing personal. I’m really sorry. I need your test. (epic musicalness) What is that? Are you texting about me? (nervous laugh) It’s- it’s nothing. Did you just text Danielle is gonna die? (OH CRAP) Oh it’s not what it looks like. Is this supposed to be a joke? Oh, y-yeah it’s a joke. You are sick. Don’t come near me. Uh.. I can see why Tom broke up with you. I actually broke up with him. whatever (Coughing) (intense music) (incomprehensible) GOOD GOD! (retches) Maya! Maya! Maya! FIN *Captioned by Ajamdood4538*


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