Deep Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, and Instant Calm (Science-Based)

Hi, I’m Michael Norman and welcome to this
YouTube version of the Instant Calm and Automatic Change series. Since this is a very deep relaxation experience
that’s comfortably different from meditation, comfortably different from old forms of hypnosis,
or anything else you’ve tried, before we begin we want to quickly take a moment to
make sure you’re completely ready to enjoy an incredible experience. So first, since this is about you’re moving
past any stress or anxiety you may have been having, since this is about you’re becoming
blissfully immersed in a positively deep state of calm, to make sure you’ll be surrounded
in comfort, this session use state-of-the-art 3D audio technology, which has been especially
optimised, for your listening with stereo headphones. Also, to make sure you’ll always look back
on this as one of the best experiences you’ve had, given that this is the very first session
in this series, and given that you’re about to relax more deeply than you might currently
know, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to slowly ease into you’re relaxing,
so that we can maximise your comfort, so that we can maximise your calm. So make sure you’re in a place it’s comfortably
safe to close your eyes, knowing that as you do, you’re honestly ready inside, to slow
down to enjoy, really enjoy, this peacefully unique, peacefully calming, peacefully magical
deep relaxation experience, that’s this gift from me, to you.

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