Defeating Digital Eye Strain

[Beep then intro music] Mom>>I’m a working Mom as if there’s any
other kind. Mom>>My work day is full of noise and stress Mom>>all of which, as Moms know, is a walk
in the park compared to home. Mom>>I’m home. Mom>>Mother’s arrived. Daughter>>Uh-uh. Mom>>Oooh yeah, well at home I still get
the noise and stress Mom>>but here it comes with attitude. Mom>>Why is it when things get quiet, I
get nervous. Mom>>How long have you been on that thing? Mom>>Maybe I’d get an answer if I tweeted
him. Son>>[ Sigh ] Mom>>It can’t be more than a few hours right? Mom>>How bad can that be? Mom>>I mean, he’ll probably go blind and
I’ll officially be awarded the world’s worst Mom. Mom>>Let’s think about this … I mean how
bad can it be really. Doctor>>Well it can be pretty bad. Doctor>>In the digital age that we live
in, eye strain has become a real concern. Doctor>>And with more devices around, infiltrating
all hours of the day and night Doctor>>It’s a problem that impacts all
ages. Mom>>Awesome. I’ll prepare my worst Mom
award speech. Doctor>>Computer eye strain is the number
one computer-related complaint in the US Doctor>>ahead of carpal-tunnel and neck
and back pain. Doctor>>But there are easy ways to combat
digital eye strain. Doctor>>Like making sure the lighting is
helping your eyes not working against them. Doctor>>And following the 20 / 20 / 20 rule. Doctor>>Every 20 minutes give your eyes
a rest Doctor>>by looking at something 20 feet
away Doctor>>for 20 seconds. Doctor>>At the end of the day, monitoring
the amount of digital usage is key. Doctor>>Digital devices can be entertaining
and helpful tools Doctor>>that don’t have to wreak havoc on
your eyes, if used properly. Mom>>Alright, I can handle that. Mom>>I think. [ Mom sets timer ] Mom>>What are the chances they use those
20 seconds to do their chores? [ VSP logo – closing music ] [ Timer dings ]


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