Demodex Mites on Eyelashes? – How to get rid of Demodex Mites

so do you have demodex mites on your
eyelashes? demodex mites are a common cause of red and irritated eyelids and
in this video I’m gonna go over exactly what these nasty critters are and how to
get rid of them. so let’s take a look this video is brought to you by occu
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about everything that we go over so do you like spiders ticks or bugs? Ugh.
they’re gross right well today we’re talking about demodex and if you’ve
never heard of demodex before it’s actually a whole family of parasitic
mites that live in your eyelash follicle and sebaceous oil lands they actually
live and feed off of your skin oils and the cells that make up your hair
follicle and if you’re thinking there’s no way that your eyelashes could be
infested well guess again it has been reported that if you’re over the age of
45 you have a 75% chance of testing positive for demodex and that chance
only goes higher as we get older so yeah they’re actually pretty common and this
is significant because the presence of demodex is strongly correlated with both
eyelid irritation and eyelid inflammation known as blepharitis but
what’s great is that eye doctors can diagnose demodex fairly easily in the
clinic by using what’s called the slit lamp that’s that high-powered microscope
that we use to assess the eyes demodex causes cotton ization and
buildup of what is called cylindrical dandruff which is basically this large
amount of oil that sheaths around that the eyelashes themselves and this is
actually what we see in the clinic but the buildup of this oil actually houses
many different bacteria viruses and other fungi all of which can cause
possible infection but most commonly we see demodex causing a mattering of the
eyelids which causes them to be red and irritated but demodex can also be a
cause for styes, chalazion and ultimately they can destabilize the
your film which in turn causes chronic dry eye disease and dry eyes a whole
other topic that I’m very passionate about so if you’d like to check out
other cool videos about that I’ll hook you up with a playlist here in the
YouTube card above as well as in the description below and now for some good
news and that’s that demodex is treatable and it’s fairly easy to get
rid of them in fact whenever have a patient in the clinic who has signs of
demodex mites in their lashes I always discuss using some type of product such
as the occu soft house demodex cleanser and yes occu soft is sponsoring this
video but I’m happy to work with them because it’s actually a product that I
do use and recommend these two products have tea tree oil in them tea tree oil
is the secret ingredient i scrubs with tea tree oil have been shown to be
clinically effective at removing demodex infestations and aki soft has these two
products both the foaming eyelid cleanser and the individually wrapped
pre-moistened pads I find that both products work effectively for my
patients and I personally like that it’s very gentle on my skin and doesn’t cause
much of a burning sensation that you get with some of the other products on the
market now to use the scrubs just pump the desired amount of pre lathered foam
onto your fingertips close your eyes and gently cleanse your lashes lids brow and
face make sure to really get at the lashes then rinse thoroughly you can
also just do the same with the pre-moistened pads if you find them more
convenient now I’ve seen the best results when people are using the eyelid
cleanser at least twice a day for at least two weeks however some people do
need to use it more often and some people may have to actually return to
using it after things have been cleared because if you don’t have a healthy
eyelid regimen then demodex can return but of course if you’re having problems
be sure to talk with your local eye care professional and see what they can help
you with so a health question of the day before
this video did you know what demodex were and have you tried any occu soft
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