Deodorant or Nic Cage Movie? (GAME)

( both laughing ) I love him so much!( music playing )Nicolas Cage
has two settings. He’s either screaming
through a burning building or sleeping while dreaming
about screaming through a burning building. It’s tough to imagine anything that could match the unnecessary intensity of a Nicolas Cage
movie performance, but we are told
that men’s deodorant names come pretty dang close. It’s time for… Really?
Can this really fool us? Is this gonna happen? Well, here’s
what’s gonna happen. Stevie’s gonna read a name of either a Nic Cage movie, and these include– most of them
are from the ’90s. No, not from the ’90s.
There’s over 90 films.
There’s a lot of films. And some of these
went straight to DVD, so you may not know about them,
and they could be really weird. But they sound like–
Okay, whatever. All right. There’s a lot of crazy
deodorant names out there. You’re not gonna fool me,
Nicolas Cage. Give us the first one.
We’ve got the paddles here. We’re gonna vote. Stevie:Okay, “Rage.”“Rage.”
Why would you wanna spread
“Rage” under your armpit? Uh… Rage deodorant. That’s definitely
a Nic Cage movie ’cause it rhymes with “Cage.” Nic Cage in… ( together )
“Rage.”You’re both correct.Nicolas Cage stars
as a retired mobster
who reenters a life of crimewhen his daughter’s abductedin 2014’s “Rage.”Let’s take a look…
– 2014?…at a very relaxing scene
where his character, Paul,
confronts a crime buddy
about being a rat.
Knock it off! You talked! You spilled your guts
to your boss to take care of you,
make those guys go away. That’s not what happened! You talked!
Now my daughter’s dead! We swore not
to talk about it! – Good gracious!
– ( laughter ) Dang, I know
your daughter’s missing, but chill out a little bit. How do you ask him
to pull that back, as the director? Shove a Rage deodorant
in his mouth. All right,
give us another one. I could see that being
a movie name. And a deodorant.
Dang. I’m sticking with Nic Cage
on this one. – You think so?
– Yeah. It’s too specific
for a deodorant. Yeah, yeah.
“Red Rock,” yes. – Put that under your arm.
– But “Red Rock West”? There’s rocks that you can
use as deodorant. What about people
on the East Coast? – They won’t buy that.
– Right. –You’re…
– It’s another Nic Cage. –…both correct.
– Hey!“Red Rock West”
is a 1993 film
about an unemployed ex-Marine,
played by Nicolas Cage,
who’s mistakenly hired
as a hit man
to murder someone’s wife.– Do we have another clip?
Yes.Your friend, the ranch hand,
he’s been shot! I love him so much! Is this
what he’s famous for? ‘Cause I actually– I knew that Nicolas Cage
was, like, squirrely, but I didn’t know he was famous
for such intensity all the time. Can we get a little bit more
energy on “shot”! Perfect. – All right. See, you
haven’t fooled me yet.
– We’re on a roll.How about…– That’s a deodorant.
– Wolfthorn? –Wolfthorn.
– I know who makes this.Wolfthorn.I have it on right now. Are you doing that thing – where, if I vote with you…
– Maybe. …then you’re changing it
in the last second? Maybe. “Wolfthorn” sounds
like a cool movie, man. He’s wearing,
like, camo pants and a Hawaiian shirt up top. – He’s a retired…
– Something. like, military trainer who’s now just doing
bungee jumping classes
in Hawaii, until his daughter is… – You’re going with Nic Cage.
All right.
– Yeah. – Wolfthorn.
It’s a deodorant.We have it.
– It’s from Old Spice. See? I have worn it.
I wasn’t making it up. What– it’s one word.
What is a Wolfthorn? Smell it. It smells
like wolves and thorns. If you have it,
you don’t need to smell it. I’ve been duped! By a thing
that doesn’t exist, a Wolfthorn. Like, if you inspect–
That’s a nipple. It’s not a thorn. I think it’s a place. It’s a place that it takes you
when you put it on. All right, next. “Vampire’s Kiss”? I’m sticking with deodorant
for this one – because–
– Why? Teens love this kind of thing. And you know where vampires
like to kiss. Right, correct–
up under– right in the sweet spot. No, this is a movie where Nicolas Cage wears camo pants,
Hawaiian shirt, teaches bungee jumping,
but he’s a vampire. Yeah, who likes to kiss. Gets a little randy. All right, what is it? –It’s a movie.
– Yes! Oh! I’m excited about this.It’s a classic
Nic Cage meltdown movie
circa 1988,
about a big shot literary agent
who thinks he’s turning
into a vampire.
I bet he’s upset about it.Yeah, here he is havinga super chill
existential crisis
in front of some mirrors.( panting )
I’ve become one, a vampire. Oh, God. Oh, God, where am I? This is not–
he ad libs all this. None of this is written. “Oh, God, where am I?” You can’t write
that kind of stuff. You’re in a bathroom,
Nic Cage. You can’t write that. You’re not a vampire.
You’re a book agent. It’s like you tell him,
“What’s happening
in this scene? “You’re becoming a vampire.” “Okay, I’m becoming
a vampire!” He just states
what’s happening. That’s the genius
in his acting, he lets the audience know what’s going on. Tied up.
Give us another one. – Jungleman deodorant.
– That’s a deodorant. ♪ Jungleman deodorant ♪ ♪ Put it under your arms ♪ ♪ And you smell like a… ♪ ♪ Twigs ♪ ♪ Smell like a twigs ♪ Yep, deodorant. – Jungleman.
– Yeah. Why would you wanna smell
like a jungle? ‘Cause it’s fresh, man. Jungles smell fresh. Fresh and there’s
lots of life there.
It’s vibrant. – Petrichor.
– Yeah, exactly. –It’s a deodorant.
– Yeah.And we have it.Oh, yeah,
what is this one from? – Get that.
– Jungleman. Can I–
can I have the top? – Wait, hold on.
– Doesn’t smell like anything. There’s not a whole lot
going on there. Pull that off.
It’s natural. – Doesn’t smell.
– Ooh. Ooh,
it’s really, really subtle. Jungleman’s creepin’. That means it doesn’t work. “All-natural deodorant
by Jungleman Naturals. No aluminum, parabens, or…” …helpfulness. $8! What I’ve learned is that you
need aluminum and parabens
in order for it to work.Okay, guys, it’s a tie,
and it comes down to this.
Let’s not say
what we’re guessing so there’s no cheating on trying
to do the same thing… Yep, yep, yep, yep. – Arsenal.
– Easily a movie. I’m locked in. It’s kind of a stretch
for that to be a deodorant. I am locked in. The question
you have to ask yourself is do you wanna smell
like an arsenal? No. – It’s a movie.
Okay, it was a trick questionbecause it’s both.It’s both a deodorant
and a Nic Cage movie.
It’s a movie from 2017where Cage plays a gangsterwearing Johnny Depp’s
Willy Wonka wig,
and there’s the deodorant.Here’s the deodorant.
Look at this. It’s got a pin that you pull
like a freakin’ grenade. This is tasteful. Yeah, I like that.And here’s the movie clipwhere Nic Cage’s character,named Eddie King,
punches a guy.
( grunts ) ( shouts indistinctly ) Aah! – Hold on.
– What did he just say? Hold on, hold on.
You’re telling me– Is the character wearing
a wig in this scene, or is that what he looks like
the whole movie?He looks like that the whole
movie, apparently.
How– what in the world? We gotta get him on this show. You know,
he’s willing to do that? For, like, science?
Just to study him? He can wear a wig like a champ. I wonder if he’d let us
dissect him. Probably not. He might let us touch him.Okay, you guys
have to split the prize.
– Rhett: Which is?
– Here you go.
You get this half. Oh, it’s another deodorant. “Nooo Not The Bees,
men’s anti-perspirant.” Not the bees!
Not the bees!It’s “The Wicker Man”
inspired deodorant
by “Good Mythical Morning.”Oh, it smells like bees. – Are there bees in there?
Oh, crank it up,
I’m being told.
Oh, there’s a hidden message. Look at that. It’s got–
it’s got bees in it. – Fake bees.
– Fake bees in deodorant. Congratulations
to you, Link. What? Congratulations to you,
Rhett. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. – I’m Shannon.
– I’m Jeff. And we’re here at Disneyland. In front of
The Haunted Mansion. And it’s time to spin… ( together )
The Wheel of Mythicality. – Go get that corn dog.
– Get ’em. Click the bottom link to watch this episode
from the beginning. And click the top link to watch us try to match
the deodorant to the Mythical crewmember
who uses it. in “Good Mythical More.” And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land. Link:Smell like a Nic Cage
movie sounds: awesome.
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