Diagnosing why Julie BLINKS so Much 😣

I’m also going to ask him questions
about just exactly what is Tourettes. She has an infection
right here on the toenail. As far as the question of Tourettes, he said… [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
[Music] [Music] Good morning Passengers. Today, I am going to do the video
that I promised you from yesterday, all about Julie’s health. So I have a doctor’s appointment for her. We’re gonna go in… In an hour, we’re gonna go over,
and we’re gonna get her to looked at. I’m also going to ask him questions
about just exactly what is Tourette’s. Did I say that right? Tourette Syndrome? He’ll help me with that. Because I know a lot of you
have been concerned about Julie’s blinking.>>Look at that you got over here…>> [indistinct chatter]>>Wait, they are seals.>>Big smile, very cute. Everything I have researched online
says that these symptoms have to be around for at least a year before you
can officially call it Tourette syndrome. And I’m not terribly worried about it because I had a terrible nervous tic when I was exactly her age. I would do this,
and I would just be talking, and I would stop before
I could finish my sentence. And I ‘m sure people were like, “There is something up with Ruby.” But that habit stayed around for about, I want to say six to eight months, and then it went away. And it was a nervous tic, and I would do it when
I would get stressed and nervous. And I put a lot of pressure on myself,
and so I’m sure that’s where it came from. But I am going to ask
the doctor about it while I am there. And I will give you an update. Before we go to the doctor, there is one very
important thing I have to do. Come on.
You guys come with me. [Music] Hey. Can I buy some lemonade?>>Oh yeah, of course. 25 cents.>>Okay. How’s the lemonade business going?>>Good.>>Good. Is it made or do I need to wait?>>Oh, it’s made.>>Oh no, it’s already made.>>There’s some right here.>>Would it be okay if I get
two lemonades for a dollar?>>Would you like your change back?>>Oh you can keep the change as a tip.>>Okay.>>I’ll take them.>>Thank you. Where did those drop from? Russell, where did those drop from? Those dropped from my pocket.>>Can I have them?>>No, you have to earn them.>>By what?>>You can do some chores
around the house to earn them. Okay.>>Can you pick me up for
my doctor’s appointment when it’s time?>>Yeah, we have to leave
in about an hour, okay?>>Okay.>>Alright, you be careful on that thing. We’ll see you guys in a little bit. [Music] I think buying lemonade
at lemonade stands is always an act
more of love than of necessity, or the need for a treat. Okay. Here’s an update on Chad’s man bun. Looking good. We’ve got it in one,
one bun now instead of two.>>Can I tell you something? We were flying the Drone, and we were going to
land it on Garrett’s trampoline, and it was on 3% battery.>>Oh no. Oh no.
>>And we we’re landing it, it was like that close
to hitting the ground, and then Garrett’s Dad
just walks out like doing this, and then it just died. And we don’t know what happened. Like it could have fell on him or like…>>You don’t know what’s wrong with your drone?>>Zack and Cash went back
to see what happened.>>I think my dad…>>Well, you should go check on it.>>Hopefully it didn’t crash.
>>Oh yeah. We have…>>Okay.>>We won’t. We gotta film this. This is gonna go on Epic Sports moments.>>Okay, I’m gonna back up. [Music] Epic.>>Alright, see ya. [Music]>>I’m waiting for the Epic moment. How did it go? Did it break?>>No.>>Yeah, we found it?>>We found it. It got stranded in the Paxton’s yard.>>Come on guys. Come on. [Music] I’m like, “We have an appointment for Julie at 4:15.” She’s like, “Are you sure?” I’m like, “Yes.” And she said,
“What doctor are you here to see?” I was like, I told her the pediatrician’s name. She’s like, “This isn’t his office.” I was like,
“But I’ve been coming here for 10 years.” And she’s like,
“He’s never been in this building before. He’s in the building
across and down the street.” I was like, “Oh my gosh.” That was a major mom blank moment. Julie, we’re gonna get you there. You ready? And I have to go to the bathroom.>>This is it.>>This is the right one. Look familiar?>>No.>>It is. I’m sure of it. [Music] She has an infection
right here on the toenail. It actually, today looks really good. I thought, “Oh, maybe she doesn’t
need to come after all because it looks so much better.” But it turned purple, and it’s just infected
right here on the edge. I had to get my toenails removed, my ingrown nails, and so I’m curious if you
actually have any ingrown nail.>>Do I have to get it removed?
How do they do it? They just take like a little,
it’s like a, it’s like a mini chainsaw, but it’s so teeny-tiny,
and they just cut it right along there. And then they take tweezers, and they just pull
the nail out of the skin. But [inaudible]>>I don’t wanna get it removed. On a scale of 1 to 10, do you think my toe
is an ingrown nail? We’re gonna see who’s right. I’m gonna guess ‘No’,
but I could totally be wrong. Do you think it is?>>I hope not. We just finished with
my doctor’s appointment. He stuffed a tissue in my toe. And it was a little painful
but it only took like five seconds. So… If you said it is an ingrown nail, you are correct. It is an ingrown nail. [Music]>>We are just at the pharmacy, and we’re waiting for
her prescription to be filled. It turns out she does
in fact have an ingrown nail. So my mother’s intuition was totally off. This is going to get
the bacterial infection under control. And if that doesn’t help, but then what we’ll need to do
is get the ingrown toenail removed, which sounds kind of stressful. But I don’t think it’ll
come to that quite yet. We want to wait until she’s done
growing as much as possible. As far as the question of Tourettes, he said 100% most definitely, she does not have Tourettes. My mother’s intuition
with that was totally on. He said, “Don’t draw attention to it,
or make anyone feel paranoid about it. Just leave it alone, and it’ll go away
within like 6 to 12 months.” So the worst thing you
could do is draw attention to it. And the best thing to do is
just to continue living your normal life. We need to return
this umbrella stroller because we bought it
and I won’t tell you what the story is, but it came with only three wheels, and the stroller doesn’t work. I think we’re a little old for strollers anyway. I keep telling Eve,
“You don’t need a stroller,” but she sees her friends with strollers,
and she kind of thinks she needs one. I don’t know. Is five too old for a stroller? What do you guys think? Also, we love you guys. And we know that
you care about our family, because you’re always trying to help. The majority, 99% of you,
who point something out like, “Hey, I think you have a problem here. I think you need to check this.” Or – I think it comes from
a heart of caring and wanting to help. And instead of from a heart of
just trying to be mean and rude, at least that’s how I take it. I take it that you’re trying to help us. So you’ve been super helpful
with lots of things like, you know, let us know about the stroller issue,
and be helpful moving on in the future. Let’s just put all
of your concerns about Julie to rest because doctor’s orders you guys. It would be most helpful for our family, and it would be most helpful for Julie. And… Okay, should we go eat? I’m hungry.>>I’m starving. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell. Thanks for watching. [Music]

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