Dizziness : Do this to cure dizziness fast! – VitaLife Show Episode 238

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today I’m going to share with you how to cure dizziness and vertigo fast. So this is something that can strike you at any time, it could be because of inner ear infection, it could be because of you’ve turned your head too quickly it could be because of a b12 deficiency or an iron deficiency as well for those things you wouldn’t need to ideally have checked but you know if you have some of the symptoms we have other videos on on on b12 deficiency or iron deficiency that which you can check out if you have all of those symptoms that may be why you’re getting these dizziness spells. So one of the things that I have done over the years with my patients is called craniosacral therapy and something that you can actually self-treat on your head and I’m going to show you how to do that when you have dizziness. So there’s something called the temporal bone so these bones are just above the ears and if they’re going in the wrong motion so ideally they should be moving together in sync back and forth and you don’t need to be a craniosacral therapist to be able to have a sense of this and it’s a very slow motion and mine are actually good right now and you get a sense of the bones moving and that’s based on the cranio sacral rhythm back and forth like this now what happens in dizziness which is connected to the inner ear is that they start to get out of sync. So ideally what you’re going to do to adjust this on yourself is to first get a sense of what your bones are doing if you’re dizzy then quite likely they’re going out of sync like this and then all you’re going to do is let’s say they’re going like this is you’re going to hold one in position and allow the other one to come back so it’s almost like you’re asking the bone to come back into that right position so that they come back into sync again now if you’re having trouble with this certainly go and see you craniosacral therapist but I’m sure that you can adjust this yourself and get out of that head spin of this dizziness feeling that you’re suffering through. So please leave your questions and comments below I’d love to hear from you again check out your b12 level your iron level because if you are deficient this is something that I want you to have checked out as well there are some acupuncture point so one of them is on the wrist if you put you know your hand down on your big risk crease about three fingers in you can massage this point right here great for dizziness another one is right here so right under your nose if you massage that when you feel dizzy that can help with the dizziness as well. So please subscribe to our channel give us a thumbs up like us on facebook follow us on twitter and on pinterest on instagram. Check out our website too because there you can learn more about our products you know we do have b12 and iron which is fantastic and if you have more questions go to the ask Dr. Bowring that’s me and you can ask questions to myself and our vitatree experts about your health journey and what we would recommend to help you. Check out our other videos as well. Thanks for joining me today.


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