DKT-2 – бинокулярные лупы (увеличение 2х/2.5х/3x) (Dr.Kim, Ю.Корея)

DKT-2 is binocular loupes with 2x-2,5x magnification and with adjustable interpupillary working distance. Made by Dr.Kim Company (South Korea) The interpupillary distance is preset at 64 or 58 mm (it is designated on the binocular loupes) To adjust the interpupillary distance, loosen the eight loupes locking screws The mounting frame has a ruler for easy adjustment To adjust the working distance use these handles on the back of the magnifying loupe Working distance can vary from 30 to 60 cm DKT-2 kit includes: screwdriver (for adjusting the interpupillary distance), 8 spare extra fixing screws Fixing DKT-2 binocular loupes on the DKH-50 headlamp Place the binocular mount in the hole next to the top illuminator Voila! Free test drive of headlamps and medical optics can be booked on our website:

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