Do You Have Eye Problems From Retouching? | Q&A w/ Pratik Naik Episode 3 of 15 | PRO EDU

(relaxed music) – [Gary] All right, this question comes from Samantha R. – Yeah? – She wants to know how
are your eyes doing? Do you have problems with your eyes when you’re starin’ at the screen so much? – I have good tips for people who have problems with their eyes. – [Gary] Oh yeah? – Actually I don’t, I just made that up. I recommend A, getting
a Mac screen display. – Thanks, Apple. Thanks
a lot, Apple. (laughing) – I wasn’t gonna say that, but. – But you don’t even, do you have a Mac screen? – Yes, I do. – So, home machine
different than your mobile. – It is. So at home I’m using a
NEC PA line of monitors, which is their PA series, and they’re high gamut monitors and they’re all matte-screen. And I don’t like glossy screens because A, their contrast ratio
appearance is really high, as well as the amount of glare I get. Even if I’m sitting in a room that doesn’t have as many lights, I don’t wanna look at
myself at 50% opacity all day long working, right, that’s not something I wanna do. And– – I do. – You do. (laughing)
– I would. – That’s why you use a Mac
screen all day, don’t you. – Yeah. I’d look at you, not me. – Oh, okay. Okay. That’s fair, that’s a fair point. But I don’t think I wanna
do that all day long. – No, nobody does. – No. So I use a matte screen for that, and also the glare, the glare is really bad. They have a pair of glasses from a company called Gunnar Optiks, and Gunnar Optiks makes
glasses specifically for glare, and it reduces their eye
strain when you’re working. So I recommend– – Do you have a pair of these glasses? – I do, and they’re pretty– – Do you wear ’em all the time? – Not when I’m at home, but when I’m traveling I wear them. – So you’re like on the plane, and you got your cool glasses on, do they look cool? – They look awesome.
– Do they really? – Yeah, they’re coated and everything. It looks like you’re
going skiing. (laughing) – So NEC monitor, get
the retouching glasses. – Yeah, the Gunnar Optik glasses. – The Gunnar Optik glasses. Are these really for retouchers or are they for like, shooting? – No, they’re for retouchers
so if you’re a retoucher– – Get the F outta here! – Yeah, if you’re looking
at a screen all day, you should probably try ’em out, yeah. – And take breaks. How many breaks do you take in a day? – Every hour I take a
break, every hour I take a five-minute break.
– Do you have an alarm? – No, I just know now. – You just know, internally? – Yeah, I’ve clocked it out. – Clocked it out. – Yeah, every hour I take breaks, also eat a lot of carrots– – What do you do on your breaks? You eat carrots? (laughing) – I get a cigarette on
my breaks. (laughing) – Instagram on your breaks. – That’s when I catch up to social media. – You pose questions to your community. – Yeah, I do. – Punny ones. – This happened because of a break. I was on a five-minute break and I’m like, I need to
get questions for Gary. – So you keep ’em to five minutes. – Yeah, I do, ’cause– – Do you time ’em or is that internal too? – Internal too. My body just knows.
– It just knows. – My body’s ready, Gary. (laughing) – He’s regular. – But I’d recommend a timer. Because if you’re anybody like, like my girlfriend, for example, Bella, she is really bad with time, okay? And we both know this
because any time I’m like hey, in an hour, let’s do this, and two hours’ll go by! And I’m like, how did you
not know it was an hour? But some people just don’t
have that internal clock. Do you have that internal clock? – Absolutely. You know who doesn’t? – Who doesn’t? – My wife.
– Really? – I’m gonna let somethin’ out of the bag, hopefully she doesn’t watch this, but– – She’s gonna kill you.
– If we had to be somewhere in an hour I tell her we gotta be there in 30 minutes. – Does it work? – Sometimes. Sometimes
we’re still real late. – There you go. I think people like us are attracted to– – See, those are fibs, those aren’t lies. – Yeah, yeah. – Those’re just, you know, it’s helpin’ us be more efficient. – White fibs.
– White fibs. – White lies, yeah.
– White fibs, that doesn’t sound good. (laughing) – White lies. It’s too early for this. (laughing) (laid-back music)

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