Dodge Challenger Hellcat 2019 | V8 SRT da 717 CV…super-ignoranti! 😍😍😍 [ENGLISH SUB]

Dodge Challenger Hellcat V8 SRT: 717 HP, this is a crasy car! here we can see the very sporty interiors, with an analogic cockpit and a new 8.4 display and 8 gears automatic shift The red key allows to have full power, the other one has a power of 500 HP, right now we have 717 HP and 881 Nm of torque power for this 6.2 l engine it has a kompressor system, let’s hear the sound! we’re now on track, this is a training center, 57/43 is the weight distribution, it’s crazy, it’s very easy to drive but you can feel the weight, It’s super fun, a real American car the brakes work really well thanks to Brembo calipers, it tends to oversteer a bit. The ZF shift works along well with this engine, which is really powerful and fast. The shift als has a multi shift technology. This car is amazing the great thing about it is that, even if you’re not in the right trajectory, you just have to accelerate a bit to fix everything this car is impressive, unfortunately I can’t drive it for too long you have to keep in mind it’s weight, especially for this V8 version. It has an amazing sound and it costs 78,000 euro, really really fun Unfortunately I dind’t get too much time on it, I hope to test it again soon! Bye bye!


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