Dodge Demon vs 2019 Corvette ZR1 (Dig Race)

Alright guys we had an excellent event
the Dallas Streetcar Takeover. Had a chance to get out and do several different
types of racing. Generally I don’t like to roll race I just find that it’s
not as exciting to me from racing from a dig but some guys asked me to come out
and roll race to Demon and you know I got out there and did it man I’ll tell you what I
had a good time roll racing it was a lot of fun I’ve roll raced before at the
Cadillac CTS-V event but this time I got the roll race against all type of vehicles
so like I said I did have a good time roll racing another thing that I did is
had a chance to race from a dig man it was really good drag racing and you know
that’s what I like to do cutting good lights but this time they set it up as a
pro tree so I had to race off the pro tree. I’m not too comfortable with the
pro tree and I started to get the hang of it you know I had a lot of fun like I
said. Another thing I got to do is bracket racing wow dude I raced a professional
bracket racer actually it was a couple of professional bracket racers in the
bracket they’re running a 10.0 class but you know that’s for another video I did
get a chance to meet some famous youtubers, Cleetus McFarland was out
there the guys an excellent racer he spent some time talk to me and you know
I just really had a good time hanging out with him and watching him interact
with the crowd and so forth also the guys from 1320 Videos… awesome awesome
people you know they actually came over and set up a race and watched me and my
buddy do a race with the ZR1 so guys if you have time sit back and enjoy the
video and you just may learn something alright guys I’m Demonology and
you know what I’m doing snatching Souls, peace. Here we go hey Demonology I’m here
with Cleetus McFarland
– What’s up what’s up look guys I was out here snatching souls
so they had to bring the big dog out here hey hey man what do you think
you’re gonna run in this today.
– Some low eights you heard it guys see so we gonna hold
him to it some low eights I love your car hi guys
all right guys hey it’s Demonology I’m here with my good friend Peter Dunn the
one and only Peter guys again visit his channel go to his channel and check him
out he’s a guy that was in the Hellcat about a couple of years ago beating the
Dodge Viper in the roll race in the half mile race, correct Peter? yes well guess what guys Peter brought
out his ZR1 so we’ll take a look at Peters ZR1 and walk around and check it out
can you tell us about it Peter and I’ll tell them what you think
about it. I just got it 2 days ago already put 500 miles on it to get to that
break-in unfortunately we didn’t make it in time to the race today or else I’d be
snatching Souls we might get the race later I’ll hold you up I will see feel
how light this hood is because around oh man this ain’t fair Peter This hood is fiber glass I mean a carbon fiber yeah it is I mean
it ain’t fair come on. I need to get a carbon-fiber hood on my fat pig Demon over here man it’s got 755 horsepower supposedly runs a 10.2 quarter-mile
we’re gonna have to find out in this DA we got the whole thing clear bra already
those imperfections out but I’m not even gonna try to get my fat butt off in
there okay carbon-fiber only weighs 14 pounds this pretty interesting look how much
this wing please oh man just barely can get a finger in there quarter of an inch
there you go hey guys you see Peter Peter came for
action he came to race so look I would love to snatch this soul and take this
back to mpar even though true to heart Peter is a true Mopar guy but look I
don’t blame you forgetting this Peter this is this this is sweet this is beautiful. So what can you tell is the difference between this and your Hellcat, Peter? And be honest. After the first turn that’s gone here you go
the Hellcats a lot of uncontrolled fun That’s hard to beat yeah it’s like riding the Bronco buck.
Right yeah yeah it’s that’s fun searching all the corners getting the
wheels loose yeah like 2,000 rpms yeah but this you point it and press it gets
going well yeah yeah we shot down the country and carving their road a lot of
fun well hey tell me this I went out to a
place called a Crescent Motorsports – I’ll pick up some fuel on the pump and
they had the road racing we’re gonna hopefully join pretty soon
keep in storage in Fort Worth that way we can just take it out there okay well let
me know when you go out there and I might just bring the fat pig out there and run it around the track so you can beat it up gonna try my best to get them let Peter
run this car on the track I’m pretty sure they will who would not want to see
the real deal zr1 on the track against the demon and we’ll see a real race
because Peter knows how to cut a light 285’s on the front. hey guys hey guys by
the way Peter does have a demon that’s coming in and I take it you’re gonna
sell your demon now he got he got tired of waiting on the demon zr1 came in
he had an opportunity to get it so guys B5 Blue.
with his B5 blue demon comes in I’ll have it on my channel and you guys
are looking for demon here’s your opportunity to get one so you can start
snatching souls anyway guys you know what I’m doing snatching souls will see Peter
out on this track and we’ll see how that goes hopefully I can get the win alright guys here you go so Demonology
versus Peter Dunn, Dodge Demon vs. Corvette ZR1. Guys
I do have drag radials on my car he had the stock tires on his car the Demon
comes with drag radials so we’re going to race again but we’re gonna get Peters
some drag radials to kind of make it a little bit even but for all you guys
that they think the dodge demon cannot run against the zr1 and has been
believing all the hype that you’ve been seeing out on YouTube guys don’t believe
the hype. Hey for the first run that was better than the Hellcat ever ran. I had a lot of wheel hop during that whole thing. I came off the gas a little bit but you know there’s a lot of
fun the track is a little bit slippery actually ran a 10.3 on that one I
generally run like a 10.2 the car didn’t hook up like I wanted it to hook up but
it’s enough for me to pull the win and walk the zr1 guys I can walk a lot of
cars I’m telling you don’t believe the hype you’re seeing on YouTube bring
those cars out here come find Demonology get me on a good track like Northstar or
Xtreme Raceway get me on one of those tracks and we’re gonna see some some
different results alright guys anyway you know what I’m
doing snatching souls. I appreciate you Peter, we out… Peace.


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