Dodge Demon vs Corvettes (Z06 & ZR1)

all right guys look I decided to give my
friend Carlos a call with because I have a lot of people
constantly ask me why don’t you race Corvettes when I raced a lot of Corvettes and
I’ve had no problems with beating them with the Dodge Demon but I wanted to speak to
Carlos ’cause Carlos is with and he knows all about vettes beyond me
okay guys there you go you got it from Carlos from vet err guys I love the
carpet I love the look of it I feel like it’s a personally it’s a capable vehicle
in all areas but if you’re bring it up against the dodge demon
you’re gonna snatch this up anyway guys I’m demonology let’s get all peace everyone they make a wrap nobody ever go
challenge me turning around I keep my foot on the gas they can’t get it for me the world I’ve been making that money
well happy asleep I never read is the money but now are the money been too
busy running to me I put the team on my back to wait
offered a family at length he sought adventure in distant lands and tried the
jeweled Thrones of the earth beneath his sandaled feet until at last he found his
own kingdom and wore his crown upon a troubled brow hey guys make sure to LIKE subscribe and
click the bails don’t forget to check out the videos


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