Does Dancing Increase Your Pain Tolerance?

– Today we dance the pain away. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat intro song) Good mythical morning. – Ah, dance. It can be a pleasure but it can also be a pain. – Ooh.
– And we asked you to ask us some questions about dance. You’ve come to the right place. Mythical Laura asks, “How can I dance all night in high heels “without getting sore feet?” – Mmm, I feel your pain Mythical Laura and the answer actually
according to Oxford University is to dance in perfect synchronicity with other people in high heels. They released a study which said that when you dance in sync like– – Boy band.
– Like a boy band, your pain tolerance drastically increases, much more than just if you exercise or just if you dance normally. – That explains why those
boy bands are so tough. – Yes, they endure so much
pain from their own music. – Right. – But, I’m not gonna ask you to take Oxford University’s word for it. – Yeah, who are they?
– We’re gonna ask you to take our work for it after testing out to
see if it works for us. It’s time for Will Synchronized
Dance Decrease the Chance of Pain’s Exist-ance? – Okay, so we’re gonna be dancing
in three different rounds. The first time we’re going to
dance apart from one another, then we’re going to dance
together but unsynchronized, and then we’re going to dance
together and synchronized and after each one of those rounds, we’re going to measure our pain tolerance to see if it has increased over time. – But first, we need to establish our baseline pain tolerance. – Yes. – So we’ve got a TENS unit hooked up which is gonna send an electric pulse down our forearm or up, I don’t know which
direction it’s gonna go but we’re gonna determine
when it moves from discomfort to starting to feel like pain. – Right, this isn’t a test of manhood to see who can be the toughest dude. This is about finding out when it goes from discomfort to pain. So we will– – Fire it up at a lower level. – Ellie, is going to
indicate what level we’re at and we will give an
indication of where we’re at. We will say uncle when we feel pain. – Yes. – [Ellie] Alright. – Okay, little wince. – [Ellie] Level one. – Just a slight buzz. – Ooh, it– – [Ellie] Okay. – Ooh, it feels, feels weird. It makes my legs move. – [Ellie] Level two. – Ooh, my arm, ooh! – [Ellie] Level three. – Okay.
– Look at, I’m not moving my, uncle.
– Okay. – Level four.
– Look. – Okay, level four, uncle,
uncle, level four for me, uncle.
– Okay. So I’m at three. When my hand was coming
up like that it’s just, that was involuntary. – You weren’t calling somebody and say, come here, baby. – Baseline established. (upbeat music) Okay, we each have a track
that we’re gonna be dancing to playing in our earbuds so as to isolate our musical experience from the other person. We also have a black veil to isolate ourselves
physically from one another so as not to be influenced.
– I can’t see you. I can’t see you, I can’t feel you either. Touch the membrane, Link. – Okay, there you are.
– Hi. – That’s enough of that. – Okay, are you ready to dance? – Yes. – Ready and dance. (hip hop music) (slow guitar music) ♫ What’s for breakfast? ♫ Is it ham and eggs or cinnamon toast ♫ Or pancakes with my maple ♫ Bring in the paper, brew the coffee ♫ Buck it like a bronco (upbeat music) – Okay, are you done over there? – Yeah. – Whoa, you seem out of breath, I’m not. What was your song about? – I don’t know, energy. It was intensity. – It wasn’t a woman like
going through her Apple notes about what she was gonna do for the day to a cool guitar? – No. – Well, mine was. Okay, let’s test our pain tolerance. – I want to hear that one. – I’ll play it for you later. – Mmhmm. – [Ellie] Level two. – Ooh, come here baby. – [Ellie] Level three. – [Link] Ooh. – [Ellie] Level four. – Ah, yep, painish, – Level five.
– pain, pain, stop, pain. – Uncle. – I think I stopped on four. – And I went to five. So a slight– – We relatively went up. – A slight increase. – But my intense music
had no greater effect than your whatever list music you were listening to.
– I felt so relaxed and ready to make eggs and pay that bill. (upbeat music) Okay, now we are going to dance together but not synchronized just like two dudes at the club. – Yeah, two dudes, man.
– Hey, man. – We didn’t come together
but hey, here you are, here I am.
– Hit it! (club music) – Cool club. – You come here often? – First time, man. (laughter) – Hey, what kind of club is that? – We almost started to sync there. So yeah, we almost got
synced up at the end there which was weird for a couple of reasons but also not good for science. – I think it’s ’cause we don’t
have enough club experience, we didn’t know how to, we didn’t know what to do. – Yeah. – We started to depend on one another, codependency in the club. – Yeah, well it’s
survival of the funkiest. – Okay, let’s test this– – Alright, hit me. – Pain tolerance. – [Ellie] Okay, level one. – There it is, level one, that old familiar feeling of weirdness.
– Level two. – Level two, hello. – [Ellie] Level three. – Okay, yeah. – Oh yeah. – [Ellie] Level four. – Oh. – Oh. – Level five.
– Yep, yep, uncle, uncle
– It’s starting to feel good. Oh yeah. Uh uh, okay, that’s the pain. – Whoa, you went to six
and I stayed at five. Whoa! – Yeah, take down the black curtain buddy. (upbeat music) Alright, now it’s time to
get fully synchronized. – But first, we need our full group, the Shiny Dancers. – And hit it! (upbeat music) (laughter)
(clapping) Yeah guys, let’s bring the pain. (sighing) – We gotta take that
group on the road, man. – Yeah. – I mean, that’s the best
thing we’ve ever done. – And then leave ’em. (laughter) – Okay let’s– – Guys, just get out here. – Let’s test the pain tolerance. If science is true, it’s gonna go up. – Mmhmm. – [Ellie] Level one. – Mmhmm, there it was.
– Level two. – Wew! – [Ellie] Level three. – Feels weird but it’s not hurting. – Yeah, it feels kinda nice. – Level five.
– Ooh, yeah. Oh yeah. – [Ellie] Level six. – Oh, it’s weird. – [Ellie] Level seven. – Okay, okay, okay, uncle
– Wow, uncles. – Yeah, that’s, before it was just like
a nice little massage that was getting a little too aggressive. – But hey, I mean, I don’t know if it’s the heat of this suit or just how great we feel. – I think it might just
be the physical exertion but I don’t know, maybe it is the synchronized dancing. I feel like I could take
a lot of pain right now. Don’t punch me though. – There you have it, Laura. So get you one of these suits and some other friends in their suits. It won’t be weird at all. – No, it won’t. – Thank you.
– Your feet won’t hurt. – For liking, commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – My name is Annie Hite
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