Dog Care Tips : How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

Let’s discuss how to clean your dog’s ears.
The first thing to know is just be careful because a lot of dogs if they have an ear
infection going on, it’ll be really painful and not want you to clean their ears because
they’ll be very tender. The next thing to know is whether to use a cleanser or not,
some cleansers are water based and if you put a lot of water based cleansers in there,
you can actually cause more problems and so check with your veterinarian as far as the
best thing to use as a cleanser. So gently fold the ear flap over and you’ll see the
canal and you can use a dry gauze pad to over your finger to go into the ear canal and gently
rotate to pull out any wax material. If you need a cleanser the best thing to do instead
of taking a cleanser and pouring this down into the ear, putting this to the pad or to
the wash cloth itself actually may work better. And that way you’ll have a wet pad now that
can go down in there and with your finger, gently circulate through that canal and pull
that pad out.


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