Dog Health Treatment & Advice : How to Treat a Dog’s Ear Infection Naturally

Hi, I’m Dr. Aimee Beger veterinarian, and
today we’re going to be talking about treating your dogs ears naturally at home. We do recommend
four ear infections to treat your dogs infections with a veterinarian approved cleaning product
and possibly antibiotic or anti-fungal if needed. Some things people have tried at home
however to treat their dogs naturally are to use apple-cider vinegar and water, hydrogen
peroxide has been used by some people and even rubbing alcohol in their dogs ears. Other
things that people have tried are just using tap water and/or using Q-tips or cotton balls
to try to remove any debris that they may see in the ear. Ear infections, you’ll typically
know your dog has an ear infection if you smell a very sweet smell or a very malodorous
smell coming from your dogs ear, and of course if you see any debris, brown debris, yellow
or white puss pouring out of your dogs ear, you know for sure that he has an infection.


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