Dog Massage Tips & Techniques : How to Massage Dog Ears

Hi, I’m Mary with Today
we’re going to talk about the ears. Now unlike men where the way to their heart is through
their stomach, the way to a dog’s heart is through its ears. Why is that you might ask?
It’s very simple. Most people don’t realize there are thirteen different muscles in each
ear that works to pick them up, put them forward, put them back, so when you work these muscles,
man, it’s sort of like someone you know, just doing whatever you think is the best you like
done in a massage. It is very calming, very relaxing for them and also a little trick
if you’ve got a hyper dog, you fold the ears in half, you slowly go to the edge and then
you pinch, this time fairly firmly between your thumb and your finger and what you’re
doing there is that you are giving the whole body a little jolt, a little jump start. It’s
one of the meridians of the energy in a dog.


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