DON’T COME IN MY EAR, Laura Ingraham – Harry Shearer: Found Objects

to mind, do that. LAURA INGRAHAM: Yes. MALE SPEAKER: Because that’s
you’re so good at. Up next– LAURA INGRAHAM: Good. MALE SPEAKER: Go. Always go with gut instinct. LAURA INGRAHAM: OK. But we’re, we’re having to edit
copy at 20, 10 minutes before the hour. So I don’t, I don’t
know what to do. And new to– And new tonight. FEMALE SPEAKER: Are we
OK with the computer? LAURA INGRAHAM: And
new tonight. No. Why are we saying,
and new tonight? We should say, and
this just in. MALE SPEAKER: Just in. LAURA INGRAHAM: And this just
in, dot, dot, dot, Barack Obama talking about
the importance– No, it’s not just– OK. Why is this new tonight, guys? It’s not new tonight. He gave, he gave this– No, no, no. But he gave this speech
yesterday. That’s the FOX way
of doing things? OK. Then what is this? What’s in the prompter now? FEMALE SPEAKER: D1? LAURA INGRAHAM: Is this a intro
to Raymond or a tease? You guys have me so confused
with these long– MALE SPEAKER: It’s
a long intro. LAURA INGRAHAM: Did
you edit it down? MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. LAURA INGRAHAM: Catch
and release may work for fishing, oy. But it is not stopping
the flow of a– FEMALE SPEAKER: Check
the time. LAURA INGRAHAM: No. No. Did you not give her the
edits to this, Brian? Remember I– MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] LAURA INGRAHAM: No. No. Remember I gave you the edits. MALE SPEAKER: I, I,
I changed it. I changed it. LAURA INGRAHAM: OK. The edits were never done
to this segment. This– No, but I mean to that tease. It was, uh, uh– MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. Because it was shorter. It was– I cut out a whole– [INTERPOSING VOICES] MALE SPEAKER: Paragraph. LAURA INGRAHAM: No, no, no. But OK. But this was actually edited by,
uh, Brian had the edits. And get– No, no. But– this is wrong. I, I, Brian, I handed
it to you. I don’t– MALE SPEAKER: I changed
it physically. I don’t know why– LAURA INGRAHAM: Brian
said he changed it. He did not change it. OK. Back it up, please. Get rid of all this. I don’t want to see
all of this. It’s making me nervous. OK. We have two minutes
to show time. FEMALE SPEAKER: 30. Give me clear, please. LAURA INGRAHAM: We have 30,
30 seconds to show time? FEMALE SPEAKER: 30
seconds for what? FEMALE SPEAKER: Until you’re– MALE SPEAKER: Until
can someone, like– God. FEMALE SPEAKER: I thought
you said three minutes. LAURA INGRAHAM: Well, Jesus. God in heaven. Raymond, turn this off. OK. Um, and this, the word the is
spelled wrong in the prompter. [LAUGHTER] MALE SPEAKER: How do
you like that? LAURA INGRAHAM: I never
had any Scalia things. I asked for those. FEMALE SPEAKER: It would be
easier for me just to go. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MALE SPEAKER: Trust me. I’ll run it. It’s easier that way. LAURA INGRAHAM: I know,
but I never had them. I actually had to have
them in my hands. I don’t know what they were. Who’s on? Who’s, who’s the guest? Can you do me a favor
before each segment. Say the name of the
guest to me. Because I don’t, I never got
a, a folder on this. Never, never got one. And I don’t have any folder
on his– with it. I don’t see his name anywhere. And I don’t have any folder
with his name on it. These are my folders. He’s nowhere. I don’t have a packet. I have nothing. No, I have nothing. Nada. FEMALE SPEAKER: 15. LAURA INGRAHAM: So I’m going to
be going with no background and no preparation. No, what are you t– What are you doing? It, it was over. The show is– What are you counting down to? I’m sorry. I’m just like f–. I, I the the show was over. FEMALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] LAURA INGRAHAM: How we can’t
get that right, I just don’t get it. Drives me crazy, really crazy. Perfect is the enemy
of a good. But come on. Give me a break. I don’t even have an article
about the California– There’s no, uh, uh, my packet
has not even one article about the actual California case
by the way, not one. MALE SPEAKER: Look at
the bullet points. LAURA INGRAHAM: No. It’s, I don’t have anything. I have a bio from this
guy, Bainbridge. Come on. MALE SPEAKER: Look at the bullet
points Tom gav eyou on top right there. That’s just for– FEMALE SPEAKER: Come up on– [INTERPOSING VOICES] LAURA INGRAHAM: But I don’t
have one thing from California. I don’t even have an article. FEMALE SPEAKER: 15 seconds. LAURA INGRAHAM: It
is not here. I have Bainbridge. I don’t have anything. I, I’ve, I’ve gone through
every article. FEMALE SPEAKER: Uh,
stand by, please. LAURA INGRAHAM: Jesus,
God in heaven. I thought you were telling
me I had to wrap it. Well, you guys put stuff
in the prompter. And I, you gave me a one
minute c-, c, cue. I– MALE SPEAKER: OK. [INAUDIBLE] LAURA INGRAHAM: No. I don’t like that. I like 30 seconds. I don’t need a minute. We’re going to tell you about
that when we come back. If one more person opens that
door I’m going to nail that door shut during the show. Who is that hovering
in the hallway? Opening the door and hovering? I don’t want a hoverer. Jeez. They’re hovering and opening
and closing. MALE SPEAKER: All right. All right. LAURA INGRAHAM: Don’t
you flip the screen from an element to the monitor, I get
some, uh, Hispanic-looking man on the screen. I don’t know who he is but he’s
been in my prompter the whole night. [LAUGHTER] MALE SPEAKER: He’s an illegal. MALE SPEAKER: He’s an illegal. MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] MALE SPEAKER: You got it? LAURA INGRAHAM: Every time you
flip from script to video there’s a man in the prompter
who’s, uh, has a glass– There he is. Did you just see him? FEMALE SPEAKER: I, I did. It’s the down shot in D.C. LAURA INGRAHAM: Nothing was in
the prompter and I had no element card, which I never
had for that segment. That’s why if I have
my elements I don’t rely on the prompter. I didn’t have any elements. And I’m not getting
any direction, OK. You guys got to direct me in the
prompter with those, those full screens. OK. Chris, I want you to hand
me these things so I could read these. Because you tried to read
one and it wasn’t clear. MALE SPEAKER: OK. LAURA INGRAHAM: What? Just in returns in a moment. What, c, c, can you get Tom,
please, in here, Brian, as I asked at the beginning
of the segment? MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] LAURA INGRAHAM: And what was
that, what, what, what, what, what happened at the beginning
of the, of the, of the segment, Jessica? FEMALE SPEAKER: Will you
tell him about the– LAURA INGRAHAM: OK. So there was a mistake
in the rundown? Is that the way, that, is
that why it happened? Because, OK. So we’re not timing out
our swap really. That’s an, add that
to the list. That looked horrible and it
screwed me up at the beginning of the segment. Ridiculous. FEMALE SPEAKER: Can you look at
this, please, in the back? Frankie. Can you guys clear it? LAURA INGRAHAM: And
where is Tom? Can you, someone get me him? FEMALE SPEAKER: Uh, a little
higher, please. FEMALE SPEAKER: A
little higher. LAURA INGRAHAM: Can you call
him, Jessica, or have someone? Because he was supposed to be in
here for that last segment and he wasn’t. FEMALE SPEAKER: Two minutes. Little bit higher. LAURA INGRAHAM: And,
and Jessica, you’re in my ear for– quiet. You’re in my ear for too long
when you say we have [INAUDIBLE], of Obama. It’s too much. You’ve got to be in
for a second. You can’t, it, it, the, it’s– I’m not having elements sent– Don’t c– Don’t come in my ear,
just don’t. Tom, I needed you in here. MALE SPEAKER: I’m working
on a piece. LAURA INGRAHAM: Well,
forget it. Forget what else you’re
working on. I, I needed you in here
for this block and it’s too late now. I asked for you at the beginning
of block, beginning of the segment. It was terrible. What are you, what are you
talking about, Lenny? You’re talking too much. You’ve got to just
quiet, please. I cannot focus. Why do I have, OK. I’m talking about the Clintons
with Dick Morris. So this GITMO thing
is old, OK. No, it’s ridiculous. GITMO. I asked for two basic
things I didn’t get. The favorability rating of
Congress and the real clear politics ad, which
I got neither of them, two basic facts. FEMALE SPEAKER: In five. LAURA INGRAHAM: Until
it was too late. FEMALE SPEAKER: We’re on. FEMALE SPEAKER: Perfect. MALE SPEAKER: Thanks. LAURA INGRAHAM: Is makeup coming
in to powder me because I look shining on my forehead. I mean, somebody’s got to
look out, look at this stuff except me. Raymond, you got
to not do that. Can someone tell me when I
actually am supposed to speak? Because I hear 30 seconds
from you, and Linda gives me 15 seconds. Routinely this is happening. So we need to– I don’t even have any– I don’t have any questions. Any questions for this bug guy
other than are you kidding me? MALE SPEAKER: Let me help. LAURA INGRAHAM: It’s
too short. Everything’s cut too short. Can’t see his face at all. FEMALE SPEAKER: Less than
a minute back to you. No– [INTERPOSING VOICES] LAURA INGRAHAM: It’s
too short. It’s too, cut too short. It’s confusing. Nobody can follow this. MALE SPEAKER: It’s all right. FEMALE SPEAKER: 45– LAURA INGRAHAM: You can’t
see him at all. Look at this. Look at the way this is shot. FEMALE SPEAKER: You’re
going straight to E2. No tag, Laura. LAURA INGRAHAM: Oh, my God. MALE SPEAKER: Train wreck. LAURA INGRAHAM: This
is a train wreck. No questions. Nothing prepared. No facts. FEMALE SPEAKER: You’re, you
don’t have to take that off. You’re all clear. You just carry this out. LAURA INGRAHAM: Just get
it off me, please. FEMALE SPEAKER: OK. Sure.


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