Dr. Adam Scheiner talks about Treatments for Festoons and Lower Eyelid Bags on CBS News in Tampa

Battling bags under your eyes? You are
not alone. It is a pretty common condition that many of us develop as we
age. And it is one that a local doctor says is treatable. 10 Connects reporter
Laura Kadechka tells us more about this technique and how it really changed
one Tampa woman’s life. I felt like it’s time to do something. Wilma Lewis jokes
but for more than ten years she says she always had her bags packed. You know when
I bent my head down reading my newspaper every day bags was in my way. She
developed a common condition known as festoons or what many of us know as bags
under the eyes. While the exact cause of festoons is not known, many doctors
believe age and sun damage plays a major roll. And Lewis tried everything to
battle the baggage. I’d wake up about four o’clock in the morning and I’d go
make myself an ice pack and I would put it on my face. It didn’t do any good. It’s not just a
cosmetic issue for Lewis who says the bags eventually got in the way of her
vision. So she found Dr. Adam Scheiner with The Tampa Eye Clinic. I can actually really
change or transform the skin to a much healthier state. Dr. Scheiner says he’s
the first and only doctor in Florida to use laser resurfacing and a specialized
healing protocol using frequent follow-ups and washes to treat the bags.
The laser works by finding the water in the tissue and taking the layers of the
skin down layer by layer. And then what happens, is the body then grows the skin
all over it again and when it does all the old and sun damage is gone and all
the festoon is gone. And then they actually grow new skin. For Lewis the
results of the laser in eyelid surgery were dramatic. I’m sorry that I waited
ten years to have it done. Well some consider it cosmetic for Lewis it means
worrying her glasses again problem-free. They fit. They’re not sliding and no
makeup on them. In Tampa, Laura Kadechka 10 connect.
She looks great. Dr. Scheiner says that he has used the laser resurfacing
technique for about 10 years now. By the way, insurance rarely covers the
procedure unless it becomes an issue. And it could run you
about $3,000. Why is it always that way? No I know. No you want to get a little
touch-up and everything and they don’t wanna. Yeah you work on that little
insurance reform. You see if they start adding cosmetic Oh thanks for joining us everybody. That
is 10 Connect News half-hour. you

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